Asking for help can never hurt, as proven by the Sony boss [VIDEO]

Shuhei Yoshida, the boss of Sony Worldwide Studios also likes to enjoy games, which isn’t a problem in the slightest: even the people higher in the company hierarchy need a break sometimes. He also played Bloodborne, one of the best – if not the best – PlayStation 4-exclusive titles so far… and yes, he also had issues with it. However, thanks to his position, he could ask for help from people who we can’t contact…

Mr. Yoshida contacted directly the team behind Bloodborne, From Software. Masaaki Yamagiwa, the game’s producer received an email by the boss, and he ended up helping him to get that Platinum trophy for the game. The game is a great success: it managed to sell at least a million copies in just one month. This sales data surprised even Sony
Also, Yoshida plays extraordinarily well, as seen in the video below. It’s good, when the boss knows his stuff, right?

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