Resident Evil 0 HD – Footage of the 2000 prototype [VIDEO]

Capcom brought out a nice treasure from their chest, because while the team is working on remastering Zero, we can take a look at the original concept. Originally, Resident Evil 0 was put together for the Nintendo 64 and it was shown off fifteen years ago. History lesson time!

Resident Evil Zero was already having a working prototype on the N64, but seeing how the big N was working on the Gamecube, the prototype was developed further for the next console. (And there was a deal between Capcom and Nintendo, which resulted in Resident Evil 4 launching on the Nintendo Gamecube first because of it!)

It shows that compared to the GC final, the N64 proto is a little lower toned, although it is not the final game, to be honest. The 0 HD remaster will launch on 19 January, 2016 on both the PS4 and the PS3. You will also be able to buy 1’s and 0’s HD remaster together in one pack dubbed Resident Evil Origins Collection. It might be a good idea if you skipped out on the first game’s modernized version. Don’t forget, Capcom is reworking RE2 as well!

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