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Those who pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition of Gears 5 (or those who have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription) can play the game since September 6, but the rest will have to wait until Tuesday

Gears 6 Will Have An Unexpected Inspiration!

Wait! Gears 6? Gears 5…
Keith Boesky was one of the biggest responsible for making Lara Croft famous worldwide.

Keith Boesky, president of EIDOS between 1997 and 1999, died

Keith Boesky was one of the biggest…
Just in time for the holidays comes a timely take on a cult horror classic as a campus killer comes to face a formidable group of friends in sisterhood.

Black Christmas: Another Remake of the Cult Horror Classic Incoming [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Just in time for…
Google Stadia - A lot of keyboards/mice/USB controllers will be supported by default, but, as we have seen previously, there will be a (wifi) Stadia controller, with which we can quickly share our recording, start a multiplayer match, or ask for help with the Google Assistant button.

Google Stadia Might Achieve „Negative Latency” In A Few Years

A game running on Google Stadia will…
Warner Bros. Interactive and IO Interactive signed a deal about a new IP! It is not going to be Hitman 3!

IO Interactive Is Working On A New IP For Warner

Warner Bros. Interactive and IO Interactive signed…
Blowfish Studios (the publisher) and Sky Machine Studios (the developer) came up with an interesting idea with Winter Ember.

Winter Ember: Stealth In A Victorian-esque World [VIDEO]

Blowfish Studios (the publisher) and Sky Machine…
These parts are made up of a proportion of combat, but they also put special emphasis on two of the things I liked most about Astral Chain.

Astral Chain – Unchained Creativity

Unchained Creativity

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