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REVIEW - Despite the amnesiac, remember-nothing backstory lead-up used a million times; Midnight Fight Express can still be described as a primarily good product that pits almost everyone against the player in a dark, dystopian city.

Midnight Fight Express – Knocking Them Down

Knocking Them Down
The problem is that this will result in repetitive gameplay (although this aspect of Cult of the Lamb could be described as fun in principle), and even with the larger group of followers, we will sometimes have to do the grunt work.

Cult Of The Lamb – Silence Of The Lambs

Silence Of The Lambs
So, South of the Circle is a State of Play Games creation (we wonder if Sony will b_tch about that name), released on Apple Arcade on October 30, 2020.

South Of The Circle – Beyond The Circle And Apple Arcade

Beyond The Circle And Apple Arcade
According to Bright Memory: Infinite's devs (FYQD-Studio) and publisher (Playism), the PC-exclusivity (Steam, GOG) will end shortly: aside from the already announced Xbox Series version, the game's also heading to PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

Bright Memory: Infinite – Not Infinitely Bright

Not Infinitely Bright
BLOODIOUS GAMES (what's with this all-caps titling?), formerly known as Nosebleed Games, will bring MADiSON to consoles with the help of Perp Games.

MADiSON – With a Camera in a Haunted House

With a Camera in a Haunted House
A multiplatform Zorro everywhere, and this time, it will be based on a cartoon series.

Zorro The Chronicles – A Worthy Adventure for the Masked Justicier?

A Worthy Adventure for the Masked Justicier?…
Tate Multimedia's best-known project, Kao the Kangaroo, is bringing the kangaroo back to the platforms with a massive modernisation and we don't have to wait too long until his arrival.

Kao The Kangaroo – Ken Guru

Ken Guru

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