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Half-Life: Alyx - Valve confirmed that after Alyx' story, Gabe Newell and his team will do more Half-Life games.

Half-Life: Alyx: A Prequel? Why? And Where’s The Crowbar?

Valve answered the questions you can read…
Epic Games Publishing

Epic Games Attacks On The Publishing Front, Big Names Already On Board! [VIDEO]

Epic Games Publishing, and they already announced…
Warner and NetherRealm have hinted at the addition in Mortal Kombat 11: Ash Williams, the Evil Dead character in such an idiotic way that we can't even find the right words for it...

Mortal Kombat 11: Ash Williams Coming After All?

Warner and NetherRealm have hinted at the…
Capcom would be tricky once again, but they might make a Resident Evil 3 Remake Nintendo Switch port.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Nintendo Switch Port? Is This Possible? [VIDEO]

Capcom would be tricky once again, but…
Taipei Game Show 2020 - This year's E3 2020's creative directors have left the project, so the ESA (Entertainment Software Association), the organising company, had to respond.

Taipei Game Show 2020: Not Happening Due To Coronavirus

Delaying the event wouldn’t have helped much,…
For now, the reason for death of Landon Montgomery has not transpired. The company and its members show their condolences.

Gearbox announces the death of Landon Montgomery, one of its founders

For now, the reason for the death…
Silent Hill Rumours - Silent Hill - P.T., or Playable Teaser for short, hasn't been available on the PlayStation Store for years, making its legal acquisition impossible (unless you borrow a hard drive with it...?) - yet, the Kojima-project's teaser is still getting interest throughout the world.

Silent Hill Rumours: Konami Shoots Them Down

Konami doesn’t work on anything that is…
Half-Life 2 Episode 3

Valve: What About The Number Three Games?

Half-Life 2 Episode 3? Left 4 Dead…
Epic Games Store Exclusives

Epic Games Store Exclusives: The Next Batch Of Games [VIDEO]

Tim Sweeney’s digital store wants to compete…
Portal VR

Portal VR? Valve Quickly Gave Up On It

Portal VR is out of the question…

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