Fallout 3 – War… war never changes… [RETRO-2008]

War... war never changes... (RETRO-2008)
It is apparent that the survival horror genre is obsolete at this point in the video game industry, and there needs to be a revolutionary game to uplift it from the muddiness.

Cold Fear – In the Case of Zombie Attack, Take Two Pills Per Day! [RETRO…

In the case of zombie attack, take…
Vampire - The Masquerade Redemption

Vampire – The Masquerade Redemption – Love Song for a Vampire [RETRO – 2000]

Love Song for a Vampire [RETRO –…
We are in the age of playing discs. As technology evolves, PS finally comes out, and the legendary Prince of Persia's successor, Tomb Raider, finally follows the trend in 1996, with bombastic 3D, high standard textures, high polygon numbers, and a very sexy Lara Croft.

Tomb Raider: More Than A Robber – Behind A Wonderful Polygon Body [RETRO]

More Than A Robber - Behind A…
The Playdate with its custom OS is aimed to be a device between our mobiles and home consoles, and it will cost 149 dollars. At the moment, only one game was announced for it so far - it's Crankin's Time Travel Adventure by Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi. An interesting concept...

Playdate, the portable crank console, will soon be in the hands of developers

RETRO – The portable mini console is…
Quest for Glory was always a unique part of the Sierra adventure series, as the makers were always able to balance out the RPG and adventure elements in the games.

Quest for Glory V: Dragon Fire – The Fire Still Burns? [RETRO-1998]

Does the fire still burns? (RETRO-1998)
Mafia II

Mafia II – Let it NOT Sleep With the Fishes! [RETRO – 2010]

Let it NOT Sleep With the Fishes!…
SEGA Mega Drive Mini - So, the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis Mini will come in the early Autumn days, and it will be powered via USB, and it will use an HDMI connection to display video.

The SEGA Mega Drive Mini Gets Delayed In Europe!

Europe and the Middle East is out…

The Witcher 2 – Polish Monster Hunter [RETRO-2011]

Polish Monster Hunter (RETRO-2011)
Wolfenstein. This name is synonymous with the birth of first person shooters, with its B movie style, nazi hunting, occult and horror elements that are tied to this name.

Wolfenstein – Medal of Horror [RETRO-2009]

Medal of Horror (RETRO-2009)

COSPLAY BABE OF THE DAY: Ghost of Tsushima

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