Capcom would be tricky once again, but they might make a Resident Evil 3 Remake Nintendo Switch port.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Nintendo Switch Port? Is This Possible? [VIDEO]

Capcom would be tricky once again, but…
Taipei Game Show 2020 - This year's E3 2020's creative directors have left the project, so the ESA (Entertainment Software Association), the organising company, had to respond.

Taipei Game Show 2020: Not Happening Due To Coronavirus

Delaying the event wouldn’t have helped much,…
Indigo Prophecy - Don't expect this remaster to be different from the PC remaster that launched earlier this year on Steam.

Two Classic Games Get Physical Versions

Despite the tough times, Limited Run Games…
WRC 9 will not aim at just one console generation but two.

WRC 9: the cross-gen rally [VIDEO]

WRC 9 will not aim at just…
GameStop shared its latest financial earnings report , which made its stock plummet by thirteen percent in just a single day after the investors have found out that the holiday season sales weren't as good as expected.

GameStop considers video games “essential” and urges not to close stores due to coronavirus

GameStop – An irresponsible claim and decision…
Shadow Man was one of the biggest games of 1999 on Nintendo 64 (while the PlayStation port was... no comment; the Dreamcast version was also solid), and now, it's getting an updated version.

Shadow Man: Remastered: Mike LeRoi Is Revived (Again)

Shadow Man was one of the biggest…
Nintendo Indie World's broadcast had a lot (we do mean A LOT!) of games announced for the Nintendo Switch. It got about twenty announcements for us.

Nintendo Indie World: Indie Blowout On The Nintendo Switch! [VIDEO]

Nintendo Indie World’s broadcast had a lot…
PlayStation Market Leader - The Power Of PlayStation 5 - Xbox Series X - Both Sony and Microsoft might plan to release two different PlayStation 5 or Xbox models respectively - we wonder how the two console manufacturers will use in their respective marketing.

No Signs Of Delays For PlayStation 5 And Xbox Series X

Daniel Ahmad, the senior analyst of Niko…
Okami 2, the adventures of the white fox could have continued, but it is not going to happen.

Okami 2: It Was Planned, But It Got Cancelled

Okami 2, the adventures of the white…

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