Mortal Kombat

Fans of Mortal Kombat ask PS5 and Xbox Series X to have an affordable price

Mortal Kombat – A survey conducted by…
There is no Desperados without Doc McCoy.

Desperados III: The Legendary bounty Hunter Makes Return [VIDEO]

There is no Desperados without Doc McCoy.…
I'd have gladly swapped the format here, but since I do not have an interest in receiving yet another complaint novel, I'm not going to use a dialogue format in how Dangerous Driving isn't exactly something that the Burnout series was on the PlayStation 2 (fine, include Burnout Paradise, too...), as it has a few points that don't give it a high score at the end of the day.

Dangerous Driving 2: „Burnout Light” Taken To The Next Level

The Dangerous Driving is stepping up to…
The Witcher 3 - The first time you start a new game of The Witcher 3 for Nintendo Switch you can really surprise yourself.

It’s Impossible: The Witcher 3’s Switch Port Has Become Even Better! [VIDEO]

We already didn’t understand how The Witcher…
Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass: Bold Additions To End February

Let’s see what we can play for…
Unless THQ Nordic gets its act together, Gothic remake will likely not happen.

Gothic Remake Will Happen!

THQ Nordic will make a new version…
PlayStation VR 2 - There could be a breakout box which would help a wireless headset to change the frequency used to transmit data to make said headset have a stable and constant connection (which, let's face it, is necessary). The frequency would change between 5 and 60 GHz, and the smaller frequency would serve as the backup.

PlayStation VR 2: The First Details Of Its New Display?

Even though Sony still doesn’t talk about…
Gran Turismo 7 - Although it's not the official name of the next Gran Turismo title, which is in development at Polyphony Digital for the next-gen PlayStation, but if it will be inspired by the previous games in the series, then it makes sense to call Kazunori Yamauchi's, the head of Polyphony's next game, as such...

Gran Turismo: 60 FPS Is Not Enough! The Aim? 240 FPS!

Kazunori Yamauchi, the producer of the Gran…

Dreams: Multiplayer Is A Long Way Off; Next-Gen Version Possible

Dreams – The next game from Media…
In the last hours, Blizzard is being news more by news concerning its aborted projects. Mike Morhaime, is one of the speakers of the GameLab event taking place in Barcelona. He has spoken about the reasons for cancellation long-missing StarCraft Ghost.

Starcraft Ghost Has Leaked! [VIDEO]

The long-cancelled Starcraft Ghost third-person action-stealth game…

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