Homefront was saved by Deep Silver when THQ went bankrupt, selling their older franchises.

Timesplitters 2: We Can Finally Access It In Homefront: The Revolution!

Indeed: Timesplitters’ second game in a 4K…
After the Dutch, the Americans start to have had enough of loot boxes (that Electronic Arts loves to use in its games...).

Electronic Arts: Dynamic Difficulty For The Players

The publisher has updated its rights to…
That bold statement comes from Capcom's producer - Peter Fabiano is believing in Resident Evil 8 very much.

The PlayStation 5 Is An Amazing Fit For Horror Games

This thought comes from Morimasa Sato, the…
Jim Ryan, the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) might be a little annoyed as his dream of a simultaneous global launch isn't happening.

Sony’s Strategy Takes A Frightening Turn: Only Blockbusters Matter?

Sony hasn’t been in a positive spotlight…
We wouldn't be surprised if Hitman 3 would be a cross-gen game, launching in a year on PlayStation 5, Xbox Project Scarlett, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Hitman Could Have Been Free-To-Play!

After IO Interactive has become independent in…
Arkane Studios' game will try to benefit those who are antisocial in gaming.

Deathloop Faces Its Second Delay!

Forget May 21: Arkane Lyon‘s next game…
Metal Gear's father, Hideo Kojima claims that his latest game, Death Stranding did not predict the pandemic, and that he's not a prophet.

Will Microsoft Publish Hideo Kojima’s Next Game?

And how is this even related to…
Blue Box Game Studios revealed a surprising game on the PlayStation Blog.

Abandoned: A Realistic Survival In A Weird Forest [VIDEO]

Blue Box Game Studios revealed a surprising…
The game was first announced a dozen years ago - and it twists the story even further.

Six Days In Fallujah: A Muslim Advocacy Group Demands A Removal From Steam

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (shortened as…

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