TECH NEWS - Citing a "challenging operating environment", Microsoft Corp pulls LinkedIn out of the Chinese market, marking the withdrawal of the last major US social network in China.

Under strict regulations, LinkedIn leaves China

TECH NEWS – Citing a “challenging operating…
TECH NEWS - A civil lawsuit has been filed against DeepMind for using the medical records and data of more than one and a half million patients from the UK's National Health Service (hereafter referred to as the NHS!)... Google

A Lawsuit Against Google’s Artificial Intelligence Subsidiary!

TECH NEWS – A civil lawsuit has…
Oswald is a vintage car, a black 1953 Morris Minor. But it's as quiet as a mouse after a recycled electric motor replaced its fossil fuel-drinking heart.

The electric oldtimers are coming

TECH NEWS – Oswald is an oldtimer…
With the new Nintendo, you'll notice the difference between the new screen and the improved sound.

DO NOT Remove the Screen Protector Film From the Nintendo Switch OLED Screen!

TECH NEWS – The redesigned hybrid, the…
TECH NEWS - A 17-year-old programmer has found a cure for the Oculus Quest 2, but due to over-integration with Facebook, we'll have to do without several features if we try this solution...

Oculus Quest 2: Use It Without Facebook, Here’s How!

TECH NEWS – A 17-year-old programmer has…
theGeek Twitch

Twitch data leak: the company claims a server error

TECH NEWS – The live streaming site…
TECH NEWS - At first glance, the gadget looks like nothing more than a copy of a Nintendo Game Boy (you can find handhelds like this in droves these days), but it can also be used to steal cars.

Thieves Stole Cars With Technology Camouflaged As A Game Boy! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – At first glance, the…
TECH NEWS - The Sky company will collaborate with Microsoft to launch a TV with a camera, taking advantage of Kinect technology.

Microsoft’s Kinect is Back From the Dead Again

TECH NEWS – The Sky company will…
Facebook - In the new design called FB5, Events and the Groups will get more emphasis - the latter has been moved (on mobile!) to the centre of the menu bar.

Facebook Provides An Unbelievable Reasoning Behind The Huge Outage!

TECH NEWS – After Facebook became unaccessible…