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Shadow Warrior 3 was unveiled today as publisher Devolver Digital released a 17-minute “glorious” gameplay video.

Shadow Warrior 3 – Bloody Action, Wicked Humour and Short Game Time

Bloody Action, Wicked Humour and Short Game…
The Horizon Forbidden West update is available on PS4 and PS5. It fixes bugs encountered in missions and improves some of the graphical parts of the game.

Horizon Forbidden West – The Forbidden Fruit Of The West At Its Sweetest

The Forbidden Fruit Of The West At…
LKA and Caracal Games won't release the first-person thriller Martha Is Dead in 2021, but seeing how many games have pushed themselves over to next year, what can another delay mean to us? Not much; we got used to it over the past few months.

Martha Is Dead – A Gritty And Morbid Horror Game Not For The Faint-Hearted

A Gritty And Morbid Horror Game For…
REVIEW - Perhaps The King of Fighters (or KoF for short) is the only franchise that hasn't deviated much from what it was initially in its decades-long history, returning to the basics with the 14th instalment. As a result, there are no outstanding innovations, but if you liked KoF XIV, I guarantee you'll like this new episode...

The King Of Fighters XV – Formulaic

REVIEW - OlliOlli is now at its third instalment, and as expected, it's a skateboarding game, where after the tricks, the landing is essential because it's not so good to kiss the floor in a heavy bail.

OlliOlli World – Skate’n’fail

REVIEW - The first Dying Light almost completely reinvented zombie games: in addition to exploring a completely open world, we were able to use new parkour options that we hadn't really seen in zombie titles before. Seven years and many delays later, developer Techland has finally delivered a sequel. Was it worth the wait, and did the game really revolutionise the first part?

Dying Light 2 Stay Human – Hard to Stay Human in this Inhuman World

Hard to Stay Human in this Inhuman…
SloClap releases SIFU on 8 February on PC and PlayStation consoles

Sifu – Eternal Learning

Eternal Learning
The Japanese creator has given an interview in which he talks about Kojima Productions' plans

Is Kojima Productions (Also) Developing For PlayStation VR2?

The Japanese studio may have gotten hold…
REVIEW - After a year of exclusivity for Epic Games, Hitman III has finally arrived on Steam, so here's an in-depth test of what the Tar Heads assassin has to offer.

Hitman III – Codename 47 is Back In Action on Steam

Codename 47 is Back In Action on…

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