Silent Hill: Downpour - The protagonist of the series, Murphy Pendleton reminded me a bit about James Sunderland, the “hero” of the second game. Although we do not know if Pendleton is guilty or innocent of the crime that is weighed upon him, it is certainly a bad sign that in the opening scenes he goes and shivs a fat man in the showers.

Silent Hill: Downpour – A Town, Which is Worse Than Prison [RETRO-2012]

A Town, Which is Worse Than Prison…
TECH NEWS - No less than EIGHT (!) 3DFX Voodoo 2 GPUs were needed to run Valve's game from 1998. Huh...

Half-Life Running On Voodoo GPUs? A Modder Made It Possible! [VIDEO]

TECH NEWS – No less than EIGHT…

Silent Hill: Homecoming – Home, rotten home! [RETRO-2009]

Home, rotten home! (RETRO-2009)
Were the sceptics right, and Lands III is a mess, or were the fans right and it is as good as the first game?

Lands of Lore III – Search Your Own Soul in the Land of Wisdom! [RETRO-1999]

Search your own soul in the land…

Beavis and Butt-Head do U – “Umm… is this like… a…“scrubs title”?” [RETRO-1999]

"Umm... is this like… a…“scrubs title”?" (RETRO-1999)
Betrayal at Kondor was one of the most fun, and well-designed RPG of all time: It satisfied those who wanted some classical fantasy stories, and the role playing enthusiasts.

Return to Krondor – A Classic RPG from the shadows of the past [RETRO-1998]

A Classic RPG from the shadows of…
When the French make a science fiction movie, they usually create something unique, so much so that Hollywood at times copies the entire basic idea.

The 5th Element – Are we in our element? [RETRO-1998]

Are we in our element? (RETRO-1998)

Icewind Dale – A Cold Winter Never to Be Forgotten [RETRO – 2000]

Big Classic On Your Small Tablet!

Return to Castle Wolfenstein – Achtung Wolfenstein! [RETRO-2002]

RETRO – Ten years ago was the…

Hitman: Absolution – It’s a Hit, Man! [RETRO – 2012]

It’s a Hit, Man! (RETRO - 2012)

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