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Chorus - Release Date announced

Chorus – Brand New Trailer and Release Date!

Chorus was one of the games announced…
REVIEW - Life is Strange gives us a new adventure of superpowers, emotion and cute characters.

Life is Strange: True Colors – Will You Fall in Love With This New Episode?

Will You Fall in Love With This…
REVIEW - Outriders, a new video game from the Polish team People Can Fly, is a "looter-shooter" in which you take on the role of a mutant with special abilities and save what's left of humanity on a distant planet.

Outriders – Those Outriders Are Not Easy Riders

Those Outriders Are Not Easy Riders
SEGA and Ryu Ga Gotoku (Yakuza) Studio's game is being developed for three platforms, and one of them might be surprising.

Judgement Remastered – Tokyo Confidential

Tokyo Confidential
REVIEW - This time around, Stronghold: Warlords takes us back to the bloody Asian Middle Ages, where for the first time in the series' history, we can subdue and control the AI-controlled overlords under our command.

Stronghold Warlords – Command&Conquer in Medieval Asia

Command&Conquer in Medieval Asia
REVIEW - The eighth instalment of the legendary horror game series, 25 years old this year, Resident Evil Village takes us to Romania.

Resident Evil Village – Mutilation and Bloodbath in Transylvania

Mutilation and Bloodbath in Transylvania
Expect day-1 microtransactions in this game, as they have done the same thing with MotoGP 20 last year, introducing those diamonds and coins after the game launched.

MotoGP 21 – Man on track

Man on track
Disco Elysium gets a nine out of ten, as it doesn't give a rat's ass about the trends and the current day. Instead, it is a decent CRPG.

Disco Elysium: The Final Cut – The Extended Revachol Investigation

The Extended Revachol Investigation
REVIEW - As Billy Idol sang in the most famous track on his album Cyberpunk at the time: this game was a real “shock to the system” - both our hardware and our own nervous system felt it. It was a shock because - on a proper PC - though it had to notch graphics, with ray tracing, at the same time it put a lot of strain on the machine.

Cyberpunk 2077 – Shock to the System

Shock to the System