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The lack of semiconductors means that there might still be a lack of stocks in the stores for the coming months, too.

The Lack Of Parts Could Be Critical For The Next-Gen Consoles

The lack of semiconductors means that there…
This new creature might be already on the same level as the iconic character seen in Silent Hill 2.

Bokeh Game Studio: A New Concept Art; A Successor To Pyramid Head?

This new creature might be already on…
The game was first announced a dozen years ago - and it twists the story even further.

Six Days In Fallujah: Each Battlefield Will Be Different [VIDEO]

The procedural generation (which was seen in…
The Ukrainian developers answered a few questions, giving us some new information about the young investigator's story.

Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One: Gameplay By Frogwares [VIDEO]

While the Ukrainian studio is somewhat occupied…
The full trailer of the Ancient Gods only comes on Gamescom, where the brutal DOOM Eternal will also show up.

Doom Still Has More Stories To Tell

Doom Eternal‘s director thinks the franchise still…
exclusive Cyberpunk 2077 - Keanu Reeves, who you might remember from either The Matrix or the John Wick films, has had a stellar performance at E3 when it was confirmed that he'll be in Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk 2077: A Bleak Future In Long Term

The sales don’t seem to be progressing…
If only Ubisoft kept the game under... Quarantine, which was the previous subtitle for this Rainbow Six game before the coronavirus global pandemic hit us.

A Whole Hour Of Rainbow Six Parasite Gameplay Has Leaked! [VIDEO]

If only Ubisoft kept the game under……
No, we did not write the wrong number in the title - that was meant to be a nine.

Resident Evil Re:Verse Will Get An Open Beta Soon [VIDEO]

Resident Evil’s next multiplayer game will also…
Resident Evil Village is the leakiest boat on the sea of ​​video games, with insiders constantly leaking things from the game.

Here is the PC requirement of Resident Evil!

The PC needs of Resident Evil Village…
It seems to have been a delaying Friday: after The Medium, we see another game getting delayed out of 2020 altogether.

Remedy: „Sony Was Better Prepared For The Next Generation”

Remedy Entertainment, whose newest game is currently…

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