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The game has a sentence that seems to hint at the events that surrounded the United States Capitol... but it turned out to be nothing more than a coincidence.

Outriders: A Huge Coincidence With The Storming Of The US Capitol!

The game has a sentence that seems…
Capcom has a new killer app, especially seeing how many copies the new instalment of Monster Hunter shipped in just one week...

Monster Hunter Rise Is Selling Incredibly Nicely!

Capcom has a new killer app, especially…
After putting an end to Life is Strange 2, Dontnod's team has become quite busy...

After Life Is Strange, Dontnod Is Working On Six Titles!

After putting an end to Life is…
The new People Can Fly game, Outriders will have multiplayer, but strictly a cooperative one - PVP won't be part of the multiplayer experience.

Outriders Can Be Paused… But Not For Everyone

On PC, you can indeed pause People…
We can't wait for the E3!

E3 2021: The Online Event Will Be 100% Free

The Entertainment Software Association, the organisers of…
Call Of Duty Warzone next-gen

Video Games Chronicle Gets „Twitter Jail” For A Call Of Duty Leak!!

Activision Blizzard didn’t like the leaks, even…
The Polish studio behind Dying Light 2 will likely respond shortly, denying all the rumours.

Dying Light 2: The PlayStation 4 And The Xbox One Won’t Be Ignored

According to Techland itself, they have been…
Ubisoft is preparing for the release of Watch Dogs Legion, which has now received an inviting trailer. The game is coming in October.

Watch Dogs: Legion: Ubisoft Didn’t Forget About The Next-Gen Consoles [VIDEO]

Although it’s been five months since the…
Microsoft - Project xCloud - Microsoft - xCloud - Streaming - So Microsoft doesn't consider the mobile/PC game streaming as the death of a dedicated console for now.

xCloud: Backwards Compatibility Debuts In The Cloud

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers can now…
A cross-gen simulator, but not the one you'd expect ever to happen - even the thought of it is unique.

Brewmaster: A Simulator We Never Expected To Happen [VIDEO]

A cross-gen simulator, but not the one…

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