Data Protection Statement

Privacy Statement

(Declaration on the protection of personal data)


1. Information automatically logged by our servers

Our servers automatically register the IP address of our users, the type of operating system and browser they use and some other information. We use this information only in an aggregated and processed (aggregated) form, in order to correct possible errors in our services, to improve their quality, and for statistical purposes. We do not connect this data with other data provided by users in any way.


2. Cookies

Some of our services place a unique identifier, a so-called cookie, on the computer of our users. Cookies only serve to facilitate the authentication of users and the operation of our personalization services, we do not use them for any other purpose. User prohibition of cookie acceptance is not an obstacle to the use of our services, however, due to technological reasons, using the personalization options of the mouth and viewing content that requires registration is only possible from a computer that accepts cookies.


3. Data provided to us during registration

In order to use some of our services, our users may need to fill out a registration form. The information generated during registration is treated with the utmost care and strictly confidential, and unauthorized persons cannot access it. We ask our users to provide information in order to obtain statistical data about them. With their help, we can further develop our services according to the interests of our users. We may provide certain information in an aggregated and processed form to some of our partners in order for our partners to develop their services in accordance with the interests of users. We may disclose certain information in statistical form in order to inform interested parties about the operation of our services.


4. Data that can be individually accessed by users

The DISQUS, Facebook and Super Socializer systems we use only use the user’s individually accessible data (e.g. e-mail addresses) for purposes approved in advance by the user, without the user’s prior written permission (apart from the exceptions provided for by law) to third parties under no circumstances will we hand it over. If the expansion of our service offering makes this necessary, in some rare cases we send information materials to our users. In all such cases, however, we inform the user in advance of the type and quantity of shipments he can expect if he wishes to use the given service, and we make the service available upon the user’s consent. If the user does not give explicit consent to the provision of other services, then only those that are covered by his consent may be provided to him and only until he expressly objects to it.


5. Data suitable for physical access of users

We collect data suitable for physical access of users only if the nature of the given service makes this indispensable (for example, sales). We only use data for purposes approved in advance by the user, and will not transfer them to third parties under any circumstances (apart from the exceptions provided for by law).


6. Public communication options

All our users use the public communication channels that are part of our services at their own risk. The copyright of the various comments belongs to the given user, but is entitled to quote and reproduce them without restriction. Contributions may be printed, downloaded or distributed by third parties for personal use only, and may only be used with theGeek’s written consent. We would like to draw the attention of our users to the fact that comments appearing on public communication channels and public communications are governed by the various laws (Law II of 1986, Law IV of 1978).


7. Links

Our services contain many connection points (links) that lead to the pages of other service providers. assumes no responsibility for the data and information protection practices of these service providers.