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As another Marvel movie hits theatres today, "Venom: There Will Be Killing" continues its run with another milestone.

Venom: Let There Be…

Brain Cells Massacred
IT was the underdog of the fall, and certainly the scrappier of this year’s two Stephen King adaptations.

IT – A Horror…

A Horror Movie, That Doesn't Clown Around
For Cruise, this longtime labor of love wouldn’t have been possible without the support of occasional-roommates Spinelli and Liman.

American Made – Cruise…

Cruise Control Without Jetlag
Annabelle 2 has been given a May 19, 2017 release date.

Annabelle: Creation – She’s…

She’s Such a Doll
I realized that what I wanted to write was a novel that contained Tolkien’s sense of quest and magic, but set against Leone’s almost absurdly majestic Western backdrop.

The Dark Tower –…

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend
Atomic Blonde 2 - Perhaps, the only negative side of Atomic Blonde is that the plot is a paper-thin excuse on which to hang the action sequences.

Atomic Blonde – My…

My name is Blonde, Atomic Blonde
However, Valerian and the Needlessly Long Title defies our instinct for something, anything to make sense.

Valerian and the City…

Luc Besson is Back For Another Epic Mess
The battle of Dunkirk was far from a victory, but a successful evacuation and fortunately Nolan doesn’t try to give us another predictable tale of triumph.

Dunkirk – Faces of…

Faces of Fear
The Resident Evil series has evolved over the many many years regarding gameplay.

Resident Evil: Vendetta –…

Zombies and Gun-fu
With Kong: Skull Island this is the second movie this year, which is having a strong vibe from Apocalypse Now.

War for the Planet…

Ape-pocalypse Now

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