Jack Reacher – Mission possible

Tom Cruise is back in action as the macho, cynical and no nonsense ex-military cop. OK, that’s clear that it’s not Mission Impossible, but the question is: is it still a watchable thriller action flick, or should Mr. Cruise retire already?



How many times have seen Tom Cruise’s same intense look in a movie? Trust me, if you download our link with 720 TS cam, you will see the same intense look in his eyes. And well… it’s okay. If we are going to the movie to see an action thriller with Tom Cruise, we don’t expect from him a ground breaking, Oscar-worthy acting to be entertained: just the same Tom Cruise with intense look, which he delivers here as well.


Who’s the evil sniper?

So this time Mr. Cruise is a burned out, cynical ex-military cop who investigates a strange murder, where another ex-soldier (a sniper this time) is the supposed suspect. He seemed to kill several people with a sniper gun, but of course, things are never as they seem to be – well at least not in a mystery thriller starring Tom Cruise.

The story is okayish, with some strong characters, especially the mysterious Russian guy, who is played by none other, then Werner Herzog. Rosemund Pike as the ambitious female lawyer is fine is well, and in the scenes, where we can admire her nice tits with a big cleavage, she is of course more than just “fine”…



We can’t say anything bad about the level of suspense either: it’s fine as well. Mr Herzog’s “Zec” is menacing character enough, and Reacher must use every inch of his muscles and brain cells to survive and try to save his skin and Rosemund’s soft skin as well, big tits included. By the way: if you never knew Werner Herzog: he’s a German director famous in Europe who made such movies as Nosferatu (the 1979 version) and Fitzzcaraldo.


Muscle action, sans surprises

While the mystery part of the movie is OK, don’t expect the action at the level of Mission Impossible. Cruise has some fist fights, gun fights and even car chases but not really hair raising ones if we compare it to Mission Impossible. It’s clear that Jack Reacher is a lower budget “in between” action thriller. At least you won’t shed a tear while you are watching it on a small screen of a mobile phone… All in all imagine the movie as a cross between a Few Good Men and the Mission Impossible franchise.


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