Lady Gaga May Star in Bradley Cooper’s A Star Is Born?

MOVIE NEWS – A Star is Born is one of the most musicals in Hollywood history. It’s been made already three times. A fourth version has been rumored since about 2009, and although that version never happened, it’s never gone away either.

Now, it seems a remake is on its way after all. It may be the first film of Bradley Cooper as a director with this movie, and the very fact that he’s been seen around town recently with Lady Gaga at his side, people are wondering if she may be looking at the lead role.

The speculation that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper may be preparing A Star is Born together comes from an article at Deadline.

It seems that the two have been seen around Hollywood together, and because they’re not dating, both are currently engaged with other people; then their connection may be professional instead. Bradley Cooper has been supposed to direct A Star is Born for some time, and the one thing we know that movie will need is a lead actress who can sing. We are aware Lady Gaga can sing, and her recent Golden Globe win gives her some acting cred.

While this seems to be only speculation, it’s easy to see how connections like this can be made. While the basic idea of A Star is Born is based around a nobody becoming a somebody, the lead female role is typically played by someone who is already a big star. Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand have played the part previously. Beyonce was connected to the film back when Clint Eastwood was thinking to direct it. Unfortunately (for us) that project fell apart when Beyonce became pregnant. Clint Eastwood started other projects, and that opened the door for Bradley Cooper. Lady Gaga at least being considered for the role makes so much sense as to be obvious.

It’s possible that the two stars, who has been seen together could be about the remake, but maybe not so determined. The two could be going to dinner and otherwise hanging out just to see if they like each other. If Bradley Cooper directs, he will likely also star, and so these two may need to discover if they have any chemistry. If over dinner, the pair finds they don’t like each other very much; it would be difficult for them to make a good movie together.

Do you think Lady Gaga is the right choice to remake A Star is Born? Let us know in the comments.

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