Slave Leia Will Wear Her Gold Bikini Again as the Huttslayer in Star Wars: Bloodlines

MOVIE NEWS – The new Star Wars comic book Bloodlines will be out today, exposing new secrets about Princess Leia, and exposing the sexy outfit of the helpless Princess taken by Jabba the Hutt as well.

Last week, some excellent points were revealed to the next Star Wars graphic novel, Star Wars: Bloodlines, written by Claudia Gray. The story follows General Leia’s backstory leading into The Force Awakens, and the book brings new information on how the Resistance was founded, Han and Leia’s relationship, plus the reveal of an enormous secret about Darth Vader.

Star Wars 8 director, Rian Johnson even worked together with the author on this new story. Now that the book is available for purchase, Claudia Gray shed some light on the story in a new interview. There will be SPOILERS for this book below, so read on at your risk if you plan on picking up Star Wars: Bloodlines.


This latest novel story revisits an iconic part of Leia’s on-screen history, her time spent in the infamous, sexy gold bikini when she was enslaved by Jabba the Hutt. Leia encounters a character that refers to her as the “Huttslayer,” after she used the massive chain to choke Jabba the Hutt in Return of the Jedi. You may recall, back in November, we reported that the Slave Leia bikini was retired from all Star Wars merchandise. When asked why she wanted to revisit this part of Leia’s life, the author had this to say.


“Right around when I was working on this section of the book there was a movement that went around in some Star Wars fan circles – a lot of talk about how much people don’t like the ‘Slave Leia‘ outfit. That’s her most weak moment in the entire thing. It was a dancing girl outfit, but it gets called a slave outfit. I believe it was a young lady named Angie P, who said, ‘I petition that we call it The Huttslayer outfit,’ and I was like, ‘That is a great name, and that is going to happen right now. Not only did I like recasting that outfit as a memory of Leia being unyielding and kick-ass, but think about it – for a human being to kill a Hutt with her bare hands? That’s unbelievable. Anybody who would be able to pull that off would be remembered for it. That would be a legend.”

This comic book’s story is set in the years before Star Wars: The Force Awakens, following Leia, who is now a respected Senator, as a movement is born to elect a First Senator, to bring leadership to the galaxy which has become more divided than ever.

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