Ubisoft Is Working On A Documentary With Drugs [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Ubisoft is working on a documentary.

The French company is working on an extra to promote the new Ghost Recon game: the documentary is going to concentrate on the South American drug trading. The movie, called Wildlands, is going to show off the stories that inspired the open-world TPS game as well.

The narrator/lead character will be Rusty Young, author of New York Times-best seller Marching Powder. Young traveled through South America to interview some of the biggest faces in the cocaine trading, such as George Jung, Tomas McFadden, and Adam Newbold. Jung was played by Johnny Depp in Blow, McFadden is an ex-drug dealer, and Newbold worked in South America for two decades as an ex-Navy Seal.

Wildlands will arrive on the same day as Ghost Recon: Wildlands: on March 7.

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