Candyman Remake: The Original Movie’s Star Wants to Be a Part of It

MOVIE NEWS – A new Candyman movie is in production by Jordan Peele and the original actor, Tony Todd, desires to be a part of it. Todd wasn’t always a fan of the remake’s idea: when he was originally asked about the project, he confessed that he had mixed feelings about it, still, now it appears, that he has a tad changed his attitude towards the project now. Todd was Candyman in the original movie, besides the two following sequels and the actor still stands behind the movies and his performances.

When asked about in his latest interview, Tony Todd told that he would like to take part in the new Candyman film. Jordan Peele, the director of Get Out is producing while Nia Dacosta is the director. Any movie with Peele’s name on it is going to be popular and Candyman is no different, so it’s not surprising, that Todd wants be part of it. He explains.

“I want to be a part of the project one way or the other. Of course, I’d want to be a part of it. I helped create this character. I helped bring him to life so I’m sure if Boris Karloff was asked the same thing, he would say exactly what I say. I know the character inside and out.”

Candyman from 1992 is based on Clive Barker’s short story “The Forgiven” and it’s about a graduate student who lives in Chicago and who is working on a thesis about urban legends. This project leads her to the legend of Candyman, who is the ghost of an artist and son of a slave who was murdered in the late-18th century. The film is still very popular and regularly mentioned as one of the top horror movies ever released and currently holds a 73% Fresh Rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Tony Todd undoubtedly does know the character better than anyone else, but he has yet to speak to Jordan Peele. Todd mentioned that while he hasn’t talked to Peele directly, he knows that he is a fan. As for taking part in the new Candyman movie, Todd is still holding out hope, noting that filming isn’t set to start for a while now. He says, “They’re not going to film until deep this year so contracts are weird.” Todd went on to say, “You don’t want to get into contracts too soon because then you’re locked in.” It would be awesome if Peele and Nia Dacosta brought Todd on board, even as just a consultant.

Tony Todd also thinks believes that Jordan Peele can bring the Candyman franchise back to where it’s supposed to be. The sequels were thought inferior to the original film, which even Todd admits. While Todd doesn’t have a part or a place in the making of the new movie, he knows that it’s a good thing all around, noting that it will ultimately bring more attention back to 1992 original and says, “it’s a win-win for everybody and a win-win for horror fans.” That sounds about right.

Source: Bloody Disgusting

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