F1 23 – The Racing Circus is Back, Full of Drama, Excitement and Top Speed [PS Plus]

REVIEW – F1 23 is not just another annual update of the official Formula 1 game, but a real adventure that takes us into the lives and psyches of the drivers. The Braking Point 2 campaign continues the fate of the characters we met in the previous part and has new dramas, conflicts and twists in store for us. But if you prefer a realistic driving experience, you won’t be disappointed either, as the game offers a lot of settings and modification options so that everyone can find their own style. And if that wasn’t enough, there’s the F1 World mode, which brings together a common progression system for all single and multiplayer modes, giving us even more motivation to race as much as possible.


The world of Formula 1 is full of excitement, tension and rivalry. The battles take place not only on the pitch, but also off it. The relationship between teammates, the competition between stables, the expectations of the press and the public all influence the performance and mood of the competitors. Codemasters tries to give us this world back in F1 23, which is not only a simulator, but also an interactive movie. In the Braking Point 2 campaign, we not only drive, but also make decisions that affect the development of the story and the relationships between the characters. But if we focused only on driving, we wouldn’t miss anything either, as the game offers plenty of other ways to enjoy the F1 experience.


Brake or push! – The Braking Point 2 campaign


The Braking Point 2 campaign (which continues the first Braking Point from F1 21) is both F1 23’s biggest innovation and greatest strength. This mode is not just a simple career mode, but tells us a real story in which we ourselves participate. The campaign continues the fate of the characters we met in the previous part: Devon Butler, Casper Akkerman and Aidan Jackson. All three are in different situations: Devon Butler is racing for the Aston Martin team alongside Sebastian Vettel, and Casper Akkerman has moved to Alfa Romeo as Kimi Räikkönen’s partner. Aidan Jackson, on the other hand, stayed at Williams, where he has to fight with a new teammate, Zoé Luka.

During the campaign, we can get into the shoes of several characters and thus get to know all sides of the contestants’ lives and souls. The story is full of drama, conflict and twists and turns, which we ourselves can influence with our decisions. In the story mode, we not only drive, but also give interviews, talk with our teammates and team boss, and sometimes even with our family. The game reproduces the atmosphere of the Netflix series Drive to Survive very well and shows us even more of the world of F1.


Customizable experience – Driving settings and modifications


F1 23 pays attention not only to the story, but also to the driving experience. The game offers us a lot of setting options so that everyone can find their own style and level. Whether we’re a beginner, a pro, or somewhere in between, we can always choose options to help or challenge us. For example, we can turn on or off ABS, traction control, ideal curve, fuel consumption, damage and much more.

But we can influence the behavior of our car not only with these, but also with the settings. The game gives us the opportunity to modify the aerodynamics, suspension, brakes, transmission and tires of our car. These small changes can make a big difference in our performance and controllability. But if we don’t want to bother with these, we can still choose preset options that match the characteristics of the course.


F1 23 will have 24 circuits de launch - simRacer.es

All in one place – The F1 World mode


Another big new feature of F1 23 is the F1 World mode, which brings together a common progression system for all single and multiplayer modes. This means that no matter what we do in the game, we always get some kind of reward for it: points, money or cosmetic items. We can then use these to improve our avatar and our car to express ourselves as best as possible. F1 World mode has tons of modes: career mode, qualifying mode, championship mode, race weekend mode and many more. But if you prefer to compete with others, you won’t miss anything: the F1 World mode also includes the online mode, in which you can participate in ranked or friendly races.

In the online mode, we also get points, money and cosmetic items, which can then be used in the F1 World mode. Furthermore, here we can choose different settings and rules to customize the races as much as possible and here we can also meet Braking Point 2 characters who sometimes join the races and give us special challenges.

The race continues and F1 23 took the corners well


F1 23 is a great game recommended for all F1 fans and simulator lovers. The biggest virtue of the game is the Braking Point 2 campaign, which tells us an exciting and emotional story in which we ourselves participate. Another great advantage of the game is its customization, which allows everyone to find their own style and level. And the third big attraction is the F1 World mode, which includes a common development system for all individual and multiplayer modes, thus motivating us even more to compete as much as possible.

However, F1 23 is not perfect: the graphics have not changed much compared to the previous part, the commentary is weak and boring, and the damage model is sometimes wrong. But these do not significantly impair the gaming experience, which is still captivating and enjoyable, with exciting races, a great campaign story and realistic simulation – as we expect from Codemasters.


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+ The Braking Point 2 campaign tells a great story
+ Variety of driving settings and modifications
+ Common development system of F1 World mode


– The graphics have not improved much
– The commentary is weak and boring
– The damage model is sometimes wrong

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Developer: Codemasters

Genre: Car racing simulation

Release: June 16, 2023.

F1 23

Gameplay - 9.2
Graphics - 7.8
Campaign - 8.8
Music/audio - 8.5
Ambiance - 8.6



Codemasters' latest F1 game isn't just for fans of the racing circus, it's for everyone who loves simulators and a good story, and offers three different game modes, each with a different experience for racing fans. Braking Point tells a thrilling story in the world of F1, Career mode is a long and deep journey and F1 World mode is a varied and fun challenge. The game is very good, but not perfect, with room for improvement in graphics, sound and the injury model.

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