Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition – Expanding Our Horizons on PC and Steam Deck

REVIEW – This stunning game has finally arrived on PC, but how does it compare to the PS5 version? Horizon Forbidden West’s latest adventures are now accessible on desktop computers, allowing fans to relive Aloy’s epic journey with even more graphical refinements and customization options. As we tread through this promised land, questions arise not only about graphics and performance but also about the innovations the PC edition brings to this verdant world.


Diving into the depths of comparison between the PlayStation 5 and PC versions, the differences seem minor. The PC edition seamlessly incorporates all the treasures of the PS5 version, including a line-up of DLCs. While the PS5 version offers two gameplay modes, each promising a different gaming experience, the PC version allows for extensive customization to make the gameplay truly personalized. This is a well-known fact, so let’s focus on the experience each platform offers.

This review is a technical analysis; you can read the full review of the original PS4/PS5 game here.



Performance Mode on PS5 vs. PC Performance


Previously, the Performance Mode on the PS5 version provided a more visually appealing experience thanks to its stable frame rate, ensuring smooth and continuous gameplay, especially during combat scenes. The Quality Mode improved visual experience but at the expense of performance. As the name Quality Mode suggests, it didn’t offer the most ideal gameplay experience on my first playthrough.

The Horizon Zero Dawn PC version didn’t have a smooth start – a well-known fact. But how does the sequel perform on PC? Does it run as smoothly as the PS5 version? I’m pleased to report that the game runs excellently. The visuals are stunning, and we get all the advantages of the PS5’s Quality Mode, plus the bonus of higher and more stable frame rates. The game on PC is as stable as it is on PS5.



New Visual Features for the PC Version


The Horizon Forbidden West PC version introduces new visual features. NVIDIA DLSS 3, Intel XeSS, and AMD FSR 2.2 are available on launch day. An upcoming update will introduce AMD FSR 3, which includes the Frame Generation feature. Additionally, Forbidden West is playable on the Steam Deck, with further optimizations planned to provide a smoother experience on the portable console.



Everything a Mouse and Keyboard Enthusiast Could Ask For


Horizon Forbidden West is an excellent sequel that builds on and expands the beloved elements of the original game. It supports Ultrawide 21:9, Super Ultrawide 32:9, and triple monitors at 48:9. As previously mentioned, the game allows for customization of graphical settings, as expected from most modern PC games – but it’s worth mentioning for peace of mind. DualSense controller support includes haptic feedback and adaptive trigger functions, though a wired connection is needed to fully utilize these features.

The Horizon Forbidden West PC edition remains true to the original gameplay but enriches it with a notable new feature, similar to its predecessor, Horizon Zero Dawn: support for mouse and keyboard usage. This is a highly positive development for those who prefer not to use a controller or simply don’t have one, offering them an opportunity to switch to a gameplay style that suits them better, despite not originally being the developers’ intention. The Forbidden West is just as smoothly and enjoyably playable with a mouse and keyboard as it is with a controller, which is great news for the PC gaming community. From what can be observed, there’s no input lag, so there’s no need to worry about potential issues.


A Guerrilla Games megerősítette, hogy a Horizon Forbidden West fejlesztése befejeződött


Another Horizon in Your Hands


Valve’s handheld console does not disappoint when examining Sony’s latest game. The Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition was already a visually stunning game upon its PS5 release, and it surprisingly looks great on the Steam Deck’s display too. If you missed out on the Horizon Zero Dawn experience, I highly recommend playing it first. If you’ve already done that, then dive into Aloy’s new adventure. Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition was among the games I most anticipated on the Steam Deck in 2024, and considering it’s a special cross-generation edition along with the PS4 version, I had high expectations.

With a few settings adjustments, primarily a significant reduction in shadow quality, a smooth 30 fps gameplay was achievable. Using the Quick Access Menu, I limited the game to 30 fps and set it to a 16:10 aspect ratio on the Steam Deck’s display. I particularly like that Sony’s games offer the opportunity to try different aspect ratios, regardless of the display size. Taking advantage of this, I tested the ultrawide mode, which indeed provides a breathtaking view.

Smooth gameplay on the Steam Deck is crucial, as stuttering can occur with new particle effects and locations loading. Aside from these, the game offers an excellent experience, even supporting gyroscopic controls on the Steam Deck. I plan further testing in the coming days, possibly with a detailed review. I’m particularly interested in how The Burning Shores expansion looks on the Steam Deck’s display.



Our Horizons Are Broadened Again


The Horizon Forbidden West edition for PC is a real treat, offering the chance to relive the impressive episodes of this series to the fullest. The opportunity to roam and explore the game’s world with maximum graphical detail is simply breathtaking. The developers’ effort to ensure a smooth PC run is commendable. Players will surely welcome this PC edition, which also performs excellently on the Steam Deck, eagerly awaiting to immerse themselves in the game world again, now without any limitations or visual compromises.

-Gergely Herpai (BadSector)-


+ PC version includes all PS5 content and DLC
+ Game graphics are widely customizable
+ Many display modes are supported, including ultrawide


– In Steam Deck you have to wait a long time for the shader build, with FSR the picture is a bit blurry
– Mouse and keyboard less intuitive for some players
– In the case of a DualSense controller, a wired connection may be required

Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Developer: Guerilla Games

Style: open-world action-adventure

Release: March 21, 2024.

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition

Gameplay - 9.5
Graphics - 9.7
Story - 9.2
Music/Audio - 9.2
Ambience - 9.6



The Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition for PC offers an exceptional opportunity for players to dive back into Aloy's stunning adventure without limitations. The game runs flawlessly on PC, offering breathtaking graphics and a wide range of customization options, ensuring everyone can find their ideal settings.

User Rating: 3.14 ( 1 votes)

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