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The head of Bethesda Game Studios is currently working on Starfield, but now he got a chance, thanks to Bethesda. Bethesda’s Indiana Jones project will build on long-held ideas Todd Howard had.

Todd Howard Would Have Worked On An Indiana Jones Game In 2009 [VIDEO]

While Starfield is slowly being completed at…
SEGA Mega Drive Mini - So, the SEGA Mega Drive / Genesis Mini will come in the early Autumn days, and it will be powered via USB, and it will use an HDMI connection to display video.

Streets Of Rage’s Composer Is Working On A New Mega Drive/Genesis Game!

Yuzo Koshiro, best known for his music…
CD Projekt RED (shortened to CDPR from now on) has spoken about when we can expect the open-world remake of the first The Witcher.

The Witcher Remake: Before Or After The New Game? CDPR Answers!

CD Projekt RED (shortened to CDPR from…
According to Sakurai, update 13.0.1 introduced the latest tweaks we'll see for the game's characters

Nintendo Drops Smash World Tour: Did The Organisers Sabotage It?

The organizers of the Smash World Tour…
No information is known about the staff or even a release window... although seeing how almost four years have passed since the announcement, something should be done for the movie already. When is it going to be done?

Metro 2033: Legacy: A Modder Team Builds Nicely On The Base Game [VIDEO]

Green Games Group is doing an incredible…
Antonio Banderas has a role in the upcoming Indiana Jones 5 movie, albeit a small one.

Antonio Banderas Talks About Indiana Jones 5, and He Commends Harrison Ford

MOVIE NEWS – The actor talks about…
4Gamer, a Japanese publication, has interviewed Hidetaka Miyazaki, Elden Ring's director and FromSoftware's president.

FromSoftware: Low Pay, Crunch Isn’t A Significant Issue

In an article on Gamesindustry, FromSoftware employees…
MOVIE NEWS - Chris Pratt's casting as Mario in Super Mario Bros. has caused a minor storm, but producer Chris Meledandri says he'll end up winning over fans.

A Suspiciously Redesigned Donkey Kong In The New Mario Movie Trailer [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Nintendo is up to…
Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin, the main characters in the promotional key art for Gotham Knights.

A Free Update For Gotham Knights, Two New Co-Op Modes [VIDEO]

Heroic Assault and Showdown are available in…
I'd have gladly swapped the format here, but since I do not have an interest in receiving yet another complaint novel, I'm not going to use a dialogue format in how Dangerous Driving isn't exactly something that the Burnout series was on the PlayStation 2 (fine, include Burnout Paradise, too...), as it has a few points that don't give it a high score at the end of the day.

Can We Expect More Burnout Games From Criterion?

Although the studio has been busy with…

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