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Microsoft Controller

Microsoft Is Facing A Controller Lawsuit

Nintendo is not alone: while they have…
Epic Games Store's Freebie - Epic Games Store Exclusives

Epic Games Store: new supported currencies, more security

Tim Sweeney isn’t taking a break –…
Shenmue 4

Shenmue 4: Yu Suzuki Is Considering A Smaller World For The Game

Shenmue’s creator wants to make a „more…
They promised to get a fresh look at the real content of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla this weekend at the Ubisoft Forward digital event, but to no avail...

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla: Ubisoft Takes Us To The Vikings [VIDEO]

The previous leaks weren’t lying – the…
The Last Of Us Part II leaked - Naughty Dog - The Last Of Us Part II - If it's true (and why wouldn't it be?

We already know what The Last of Us 2 will take on our PS4: it…

Production specifies the space required on the…
Announced during the last Gamescom 2019, Port Royale 4 has announced its release date on PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PS4.

Port Royale 4 Business Strategy Announces Release Date, Closed Beta, and Trailer

A returning PC classic that is also…
Gene Dynarski

Tragedy: Two Actors Passed Away; Both Were Seen In Red Alert Games [VIDEO]

It’s so sad that we have to…
Google Stadia

Electronic Arts Joins The Google Stadia Fray

Let’s get the weak pun out of…
PlayStation Plus - So, the balance isn't entirely positive for February, but the appearance of MGS4 in the February line-up on PS3 isn't a bad idea.

PlayStation Plus: These Are The May Games [VIDEO]

Sony has published the – unfortunately short…
Brothers in Arms

Brothers In Arms Is Getting A TV Series

CINEMA NEWS – Gearbox’s almost forgotten IP…

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