Herpai Gergely (BadSector)

Neocore has decided to postpone the release of King Arthur by a few weeks to bring the best version to the fans.

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale – King Arthur is Dead! Long Live King Arthur!

King Arthur is Dead! Long Live King…
Netflix's The Anatomy of a Scandal (adapted from Sarah Vaughan's book) sought to 'revisit' the recently very fashionable #metoo problem, capitalising on the trend for the twisty, soap-opera thriller.

Anatomy of a Scandal – #Metoo Is Back In Netflix’s Social Detective Thriller

#Metoo Is Back In Netflix's Social Detective…
Slow Horses doesn't reinvent the spy thriller because the spy thriller doesn't need to be reinvented.

Slow Horses S01/e01, e02 – Tinker, tailor, soldier, loser

Tinker, tailor, soldier, loser
MOVIE REVIEW - Kurt Cobain's harrowing Something in the Way is the central musical motif in this noir tale of the "world's greatest detective" investigating a serial killer who is most reminiscent of the killers in two David Fincher classics, The Seventh and Zodiac. The Batman is an excellent Dark Knight movie - but that's about as much as you can get from Matt Reeves' film.

The Batman – A Dark And Brutal Serial Killer Story With A Vengeful Batman

A Dark And Brutal Serial Killer Story…