Beautiful God of War Ragnarök Fan Art Showing Kratos, Atreus and Faye Together

A talented artist has shared a beautiful…
Tripwire Interactive, which recently released Maneater, introduced a flexible work model for all its employees.

A Weird PlayStation Store Bug is Costing Maneater Thousands of Dollars!

Sony’s website asks for an astronomical sum…
Steam numbers have continued to rise throughout 2021, surpassing the highest peaks of the pandemic

Just in Time for Christmas, Steam Users Have Trouble Gifting Games to Their Friends

Steam users have reported that the ability…

Wednesday: Gwendoline Christie “Blushed” During Her First Meeting With Tim Burton

MOVIE NEWS – Gwendoline Christie, who plays…
MOVIE NEWS - Conor McGregor has joined Jake Gyllenhaal in Amazon's upcoming remake of the 80s classic Road House.

Conor McGregor Made a Harsh Comment on the New UFC Video Game!

The world-famous mixed martial artist and UFC…
Spyro Reignited Trilogy - The camera is, without a doubt, the weak point. It has a particular habit of automatically focusing on the attack that has sometimes taken me out of my box.

A Leaker Has Given Spyro the Dragon Fans Some Bad News

A well-known leaker dispels rumors about the…
Yamauchi Kazunori provided more information on the Gran Turismo number seven, postponed to 2022.

Would a PC Version of Gran Turismo 7 Be Made?! Kazunori Yamauchi, the Producer, Has…

Gran Turismo 7 producer Kazunori Yamauchi explains…
We've only got a few weeks left to try out these PS4 titles as part of PS Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Premium.

PlayStation Plus Extra Is Losing Four Games in January, Including a Warhammer Title!

PlayStation Plus Extra subscribers will lose access…
Oppenheimer is the story of the inventor of the hydrogen bomb, who later sought the same strict controls on the military use of his invention as did the developers of the Hiroshima bomb, Leo Szilard and Ede Teller.

We Also Understood This: Oppenheimer Was Not A Soviet Spy

MOVIE NEWS – J. Robert Oppenheimer, one…

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