Dominik Szoboszlai’s First Series Role: Watch Him on RTL Before the Hungary-Scotland Match on Sunday Night!

MOVIE NEWS – Why are we so excited about this match against Scotland when the Swiss and Germans have already beaten us? Maybe it’s because we can at least see something entertaining from Dominik Szoboszlai on screen, debuting as an actor in RTL’s new series. If he can’t always deliver on the field, let’s see what he can pull off in front of the cameras!


Yet another surprise in the Marsra magyar! series! Dominik Szoboszlai, the captain of the Hungarian national football team, who has repeatedly shown his prowess and unexpected moves on the field – although, against the Swiss and the Germans recently, let’s just say it didn’t go as planned – now appears in a completely new role. Yes, you read that right, before Sunday’s match against Scotland, at 5:25 PM, you can watch him on RTL as a series actor. Well, if he can’t impress on the field, maybe he’ll manage to do something memorable on the screen!

Dominik appears in the latest episode of the Marsra magyar! series due to a funny misunderstanding. This is his first series role, and according to the creators, his charisma and presence perfectly fit into the world of the series. Sure, if he can’t always find the goals, at least he can be of some use in front of the camera! The participation of the football star enriches the episode with a special experience, they say. We eagerly await to see if he can at least score here.

This role will certainly spice up the evening, as before the match against Scotland, we can see the star in a completely different role. Who knows, maybe after this, he’ll spend more time with series roles than with football if he continues like this with the national team.

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