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MOVIE REVIE - Director Pablo Larraín once subverted genre conventions with "Jackie", and now in Spencer he explores the crisis of another iconic woman as the last illusions of her "fairytale" marriage crumble.

Spencer – A Princess’s Christmas In 72 Hours

A Princess’s Christmas In 72 Hours
MOVIE REVIEW - Tom Hanks has always been vocally opposed to high-profile films being left out of theatres altogether and instead debuting on streaming, but in a cruel twist of fate, the pandemic circumstances have caused his last four films to do just that.

Finch – Tom Hanks’ End of the World With a Cute Dog and a Sentient…

Tom Hanks' End of the World With…
theGeek French Dispatch

The French Dispatch – Mannered and Chaotic Boredom Behind the Mask of an Art Film…

Mannered and Chaotic Boredom Behind the Mask…
theGeek Eternals 1 1

The Eternals – Epic Boredom is Almost Eternal in Marvel’s Worst Film

Epic Boredom is Almost Eternal in Marvel's…
MOVIE REVIEW - Reminiscent of the Silent Hill video games, Péter Bergendy's horror film Post Mortem is set in the aftermath of World War I and during the Spanish flu starring Tomas's rage a former soldier and photographer.

Post Mortem – “Silent Hill: Village” in Hungary

"Silent Hill: Village" in Hungary
MOVIE NEWS - Denis Villeneuve hopes to start shooting Dune: Part Two in the autumn of 2022 but insists on one crucial point regarding the film's release date.

Dune – “Have They Tried and Failed?”

"Have They Tried and Failed?"
The strange choice to set the action during World War I instead of World War II may make some uncomfortable – especially fans of the old comic book.

Patty Jenkins confirms that ‘Wonder Woman 3’ is in the works

MOVIE NEWS – But first, before Wonder…
It seems that Ridley Scott is less and less willing to listen to what the press has to say about The Last Duel, and now he has insulted a reporter

The Last Duel – This Is Not A Jousting Tournament, It’s All About Honour

This is not a jousting tournament, it's…
As another Marvel movie hits theatres today, "Venom: There Will Be Killing" continues its run with another milestone.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage – Brain Cells Massacred

Brain Cells Massacred