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The strange choice to set the action during World War I instead of World War II may make some uncomfortable – especially fans of the old comic book.

Patty Jenkins confirms that ‘Wonder Woman 3’ is in the works

MOVIE NEWS – But first, before Wonder…
MOVIE REVIEW - However unfortunate you've been in life, be glad you're not living in the 14th century as a woman. Though we're talking about a noblewoman, it's pretty rough what Jodie Comer's Marguerite de Carrouges had to go through in The Last Duel, a film about many things - love, war, the follies of the medieval French legal system - but mostly, male vanity.

The Last Duel – This Is Not A Jousting Tournament, It’s All About Honour

This is not a jousting tournament, it's…
MOVIE REVIEW - Venom, the symbiote-idiot of the Marvel universe, returns to possess Tom Hardy's body and hunt another, more evil symbiote, who got under Woody Harrelson's skin.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage – Brain Cells Massacred

Brain Cells Massacred
Coming up, No Time to Die will be, or could be, an important stage in the James Bond mythos in more ways than one.

No Time to Die – My Name is Bond, Emo Bond

My Name is Bond, Emo Bond
MOVIE REVIEW - When the Creative Europe Media logo appears on the screen, you might suspect that the producers have volunteered too much with the Protégé.

The Protégé – It’s time not to confess anything

It’s time to not confess anything
Stroke of genius or total rip-off? Malignant, the latest film from horror master James Wan left us with mixed feelings.

Malignant – Parodic Genius or Absolute Nonsense?

Parodic Genius or Absolute Nonsense?
Copshop - Assault on Precinct Nevada

Copshop – One-Stop Shop For Killing

One-Stop Shop For Killing
MOVIE REVIEW - Reminiscence is a true film noir, with all the requisites and obligatory clichés of the genre, as we have a perpetually stubbled, tormented, long-suffering hero (Hugh Jackman), a sexy and femme fatale (Rebecca Ferguson), and a twisted story set in a future, in a very depressing world, full of a lot of deceit and, of course, tragic romance.

Reminiscence – This Film Noir Has Too Much Sugar in It

Reminiscence - This Film Noir Has Too…