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Copshop - Assault on Precinct Nevada

Copshop – One-Stop Shop For Killing

One-Stop Shop For Killing
MOVIE REVIEW - Reminiscence is a true film noir, with all the requisites and obligatory clichés of the genre, as we have a perpetually stubbled, tormented, long-suffering hero (Hugh Jackman), a sexy and femme fatale (Rebecca Ferguson), and a twisted story set in a future, in a very depressing world, full of a lot of deceit and, of course, tragic romance.

Reminiscence – This Film Noir Has Too Much Sugar in It

Reminiscence - This Film Noir Has Too…
MOVIE REVIEW - It was a 'normal dirty day' when you expect some Respect. We get the job done: away with the keyboards, finding the right key (not musical key in this case) and simply locking the door. Let's go to cinema on the red carpet - I thought. So half hour later I proudly waved by MultiPass badge (the other one is not required this time) and had a sit in a dark room where the silhouette of the people is filled with a sense of duty. They're here because it's their profession (not pro-fashion) and's free.

Respect – My Way, or the Hallway?

My Way, or the Hallway?
MOVIE REVIEW - Who would have thought that Free Guy, the best video game movie of all time, would be based on the adventures of an NPC?

Free Guy – Ryan Reynolds Stars As An NPC in the Clever and Entertaining Video…

Ryan Reynolds in the Clever and Entertaining…
MOVIE REVIEW - Suicide Squad is not so much a reboot or sequel to 2016's Suicide Squad as it is a complete reboot.

Suicide Squad – The Dirty Dozen With Super-Villains

The Dirty Dozen With Super-Villains
MOVIE PREVIEW - From visionary filmmaker, M. NIGHT SHYAMALAN comes Old— a chilling, mysterious new thriller about a family on a tropical holiday who discover that the secluded beach where they are relaxing for a few hours is somehow causing them to age rapidly … reducing their entire lives into a single day.

Old – Shyamalan’s Tricks Are Getting Old

Shyamalan's Tricks Are Getting Old
MOVIE REVIEW - A little bit of everything is stolen from everywhere in Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson's new romantic and supernatural family film Jungle Cruise, and it's just puffing on tired clichés.

Jungle Cruise – Predictable and Boring Disney Theme Park Attraction

Predictable and Boring Disney Theme Park Attraction
The Pig is an intense, slow-moving, beautiful meditation on profound loss and coming to terms with it, with occasional moments of humour, pathos and violence.

Pig – Not Without My Piglet

Not Without My Piglet
MOVIE REVIEW - In this sci-fi film, The Tomorrow War, released this week on Amazon Prime Video, a horde of soldiers arrive from 2051 to disrupt the present and announce that humanity is about to lose a war against aliens. Not groundbreaking but enjoyable.

The Tomorrow War – Chris Pratt Saves the World in Decent Sci-fi Action Romp

Chris Pratt Saves the World in Decent…