MOVIE REVIEW - It's been 10 years since Wall-e set the post-apocalypse in order, where the question of homecoming was central (as it was for Lighyear), but Buzz's approach to his adventures has moved light years away from his predecessor, pushing the crusty (wormy) boundaries of his space journey (and space tunnel too).

Lightyear – Straight up for the Cyberhero?

Lightyear – Straight up for the cyberhero?
theGeek Stranger Things jail borton

Stranger Things 4: Netflix Accused of Filming in a Former Nazi Prison

MOVIE NEWS – Stranger Things season 4…
theGeek the Last of Us

The Last Of Us HBO Series – How Will it Differ from the Game?

How Will it Differ from the Game?
MOVIE NEWS - HBO is developing several Game of Thrones prequel series, but a possible new project could continue beyond the final season, starring Kit Harington.

Kit Harington to Return as Jon Snow in Game of Thrones Spin-off Sequel

MOVIE NEWS – HBO is developing several…
MOVIE NEWS - Two Sherlock Holmes spin-offs are reportedly in development at HBO Max, from the team of Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes 3

Sherlock Holmes 3 Could Be Coming, With An Unexpected New Actor!

MOVIE NEWS – Robert Downey Jr. says…
MOVIE REVIEW - The life of Elvis Presley, one of the greatest musical icons of all time, is the subject of director Baz Luhrman's film, in which the title character is joined by his - highly controversial - music manager, "Colonel" Parker, played by Tom Hanks, who also narrates the story. But does this new biopic live up to the legend?

Elvis – The Legend Comes To Life In A Comic Book-Like Musical Biopic

The Legend Comes To Life In A…
Hatching is a horror tale that is not only proficient as a metaphor but a hard-hitting story with a multi-layered moral message and a very concise yet ambiguous ending.

Hatching – Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather
MOVIE NEWS - Writer-director Scott Derrickson and co-writer C. Robert Cargill have built a serious brand of their own with the low-budget, big-grossing horror Sinister (and its sequel, Sinister - The Cursed House). Now they're back with The Black Phone, starring Ethan Hawke, as Sinister did.

The Black Phone – Aberrant Serial Killer Hunts Children In The Seventies

Aberrant Serial Killer Hunts Children In The…