Tom Holland talked about trying to overcome exhaustion and burnout during the globe-trotting press tour for Spider-Man: Homecoming

Tom Holland Recalls Spider-Man’s Exhaustion

Tom Holland talked about trying to overcome…
MOVIE NEWS - Lucasfilm has extended Kathleen Kennedy’s contract for another three years.

Kathleen Kennedy To Remain At The Helm Of Lucasfilm Until At Least 2024

MOVIE NEWS – Lucasfilm has extended Kathleen…
theGeek Jurassic World Vilaguralom

Spielberg originally rejected the idea of hybrid dinosaurs for Jurassic World

MOVIE NEWS- One of the new features…
MOVIE NEWS - Two fleeing bank robbers and a dying policeman race an ambulance - that was the primary setting of the 2005 Danish film that Michael Bay has now turned into a psychological action thriller called Ambulance.

Michael Bay’s new action film, Ambulance, has caught the attention of the US military

MOVIE NEWS – The hero of Ambulance is…
SERIES REVIEW - Mixing film noir, western sci-fi and more, Cowboy Bebop is a new Netflix series based on the famous 1998 anime series Cowboy Bebop, set in 2071, in which intergalactic inter-headhunters hunt dangerous criminals.

Cowboy Bebop – Bounty Hunters of the Galaxy

Bounty Hunters of the Galaxy
MOVIE NEWS - John Cho's cruciate ligament was torn during filming, causing the series to be on hold for a year (!), but even more shocking is the solution Netflix came up with!

Cowboy Bebop: John Cho Suffers A Brutal Injury During Filming; The Solution By Netflix Could…

MOVIE NEWS – John Cho’s cruciate ligament…
So what is exactly Daredevil? Well for one it was a failed movie in which Ben Affleck butchered the character, and also ruined Elektra.

Daredevil Talent Grid Leaked – Could A Disney+ Reboot Be In The Works?!

MOVIE NEWS – The latest Daredevil rumour…
Kristen Stewart has spoken out about the 'noise' her Oscar chances are making

Kristen Stewart Joked About Her Eventual Oscar Nomination For Spencer

Kristen Stewart has spoken out about the…