MOVIE NEWS - Based on a true story, Bandit follows a family man who teams up with a gangster to carry out armed robberies.

Bandit Has Got A Trailer – Josh Duhamel & Mel Gibson In The Thick Of…

MOVIE NEWS – Based on a true…
MOVIE PREVIEW - Paramount is set to reboot the Dungeons & Dragons movie franchise with Honor Among Thieves. Here's everything we know so far about the latest film adaptation of the famous tabletop role-playing game!

The star of she new fantasy film Fast & Furious has worked herself out

CINEMA NEWS – Perhaps the world’s most…
MOVIE NEWS - The psychological thriller Smile, in which smiling brings a strange, paralyzing terror to everyone who experiences it in certain situations, will soon be shown in domestic cinemas.

The director of Smile has already shown white teeth

MOVIE NEWS – The psychological thriller Smile,…
Nope is written, produced and directed by JORDAN PEELE and produced by IAN COOPER p.g.a. (Us, Candyman) for Monkeypaw Productions.

Disappear! The Oscar-winning director’s new thriller: Nope crossed 100 million

CINEMA NEWS -Jordan Peele’s new movie, Nope,…
MOVIE NEWS - Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode is set to fight Michael Myers for the final time in Halloween Ends - a brutal showdown is in store!

There really can never be an end to Halloween movies

MOVIE NEWS – Evil can never die…
MOVIE NEWS - After the positive critical reception of the new Batman movie, it's no surprise that many are already looking forward to the sequel. Batman 2.

Batman 2 is In Development, But It Won’t Be in the Cinemas For Years

MOVIE NEWS – Batman was a huge…
TOPLIST - Many DCEU films have been announced over the years, but only a few of them have ever been made. Here are all the films that have been cancelled.

DCEU Death List – All The DCEU Films That Were Cancelled or Never Made

All The DCEU Films That Were Cancelled…
MOVIE NEWS - Spider-Man: No Way Home star Tom Holland quits social media to preserve his mental health - he says he "spirals" when he reads things about himself.

Tom Holland Suspends All His Social Media Profiles Due To His “Mental Health”!

MOVIE NEWS – Spider-Man: No Way Home…
MOVIE NEWS - Lifetime still plans to release its latest Anne Heche film next month, as the film is "important" to the actress.

Anne Heche’s Last Movie Will Be Released Next Month

MOVIE NEWS – Lifetime still plans to…

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