Wales Interactive has given us a sneak peek of its new horror game and has announced when we can expect Sker Ritual and what platforms it will be coming to.

Sker Ritual: Teaser Trailer For The Spiritual Successor To Maid of Sker As A Co-Op…

Wales Interactive has given us a sneak…
GTA: The Trilogy - The Definitive Edition is now available on Nintendo Switch and several other platforms

Licensing Problems May Be At The Heart Of GTA: The Trilogy’s Disappearance?

According to Rockstar Games, they are forced…
theGeek NintendoSwitchOLED

The Nintendo Switch Is Back On Top With The OLED Model

In the North American region, the PlayStation…
A cinematic trailer with the game's graphics engine allowed us to see the first preview of Starfield: Bethesda's long-awaited RPG game.

Concept Art And Soundtrack: A Taste Of Starfield [VIDEO]

Although Todd Howard’s next opus is still…
Today marks one year since the launch of the PlayStation 5, and that's why Sony has announced the most played games on the platform

PlayStation 5 Gamers Clock Up 4.6 Billion Hours Of Gameplay In Console’s First Year

Today marks one year since the launch…
So far, it seemed that 343 Industries' next game could launch next Spring.

Will Halo Infinite’s Multiplayer Segment Launch Earlier Than Expected?

343 Industries and Microsoft may surprise us:…
The new Xbox will be available in just a few days, but only 100 units will be sold in selected countries

Gucci And Xbox Join Forces: Limited-Edition Xbox Series X Will Sell For $10,000

The new Xbox will be available in…
Beyond Good - System 3, as it turns out, is a place where limited resources are viciously warred over by various private enterprises. The struggle for survival amid a rich milieu of evolved species and diverse cultures from Old Earth creates an ideal environment for space piracy, as a new generation of captains rises to carve out a piece of the galaxy for themselves.

Is Beyond Good & Evil 2 Awaiting Cancellation?

Without Michel Ancel, there’s no real captain…
Some users have found the use of the term "little green man" offensive in Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2042 Receives Harsh Criticism For One Of Its Specialist Features

Some users have found the use of…
This disappearance of Grand Theft Auto games is related to the crash of RockStar's launcher.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy Disappears On PC Temporarily

This disappearance of Grand Theft Auto games is…