In Diablo IV, players will attempt to bring hope back to the world by vanquishing evil in all its vile incarnations -- from cannibalistic demon-worshipping cultists to the all-new drowned undead that emerge from the coastlines to drag their victims to a watery grave.

Diablo IV: Interesting PvP, Customizable Mounts, Enemy Bases To Ransack [VIDEO]

During BlizzConline, Blizzard revealed more of Diablo…
The game was first announced a dozen years ago - and it twists the story even further.

Six Days In Fallujah: A Veteran Explains Why The Publisher’s CEO Is Wrong

There cannot be a better critic of…
Yoko Taro is revamping the original game, the NieR Replicant remaster has already been registered in Taiwan.

Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139: The System Requirements Look Solid

Square Enix has confirmed the PC system…
The trench war between the two companies is getting tense.

Apple Turns To An Unexpected Company In Its Case Against Epic Games

The arguments between Epic Games and Apple…
The rumours were true: Vicarious Visions (which was shifted from Activision to Blizzard) is indeed developing a new version of Diablo II.

Diablo II: Resurrected: A Comeback After Two Decades [VIDEO]

The rumours were true: Vicarious Visions (which…
Expect day-1 microtransactions in this game, as they have done the same thing with MotoGP 20 last year, introducing those diamonds and coins after the game launched.

MotoGP 21: Milestone Hops On The Bike Again [VIDEO]

Expect day-1 microtransactions in this game, as…
And they are doing so for a „very famous gaming publisher” no less - the Poles might have hit the jackpot.

Bloober Team Is Working On A Horror IP

And they are doing so for a…
Allegedly, Sony is working on Konami's IP's soft reboot, and we hear some new details, even though some might go against what we have heard so far.

Is Kojima Productions Working On A Silent Hill Title?

A Silent Hill game, made by a…
TECH NEWS - The company that is known for its GPUs pulled a move that might not benefit everyone.

Nvidia Blows Up Its Bitcoin-Bomb

TECH NEWS – The company that is…
Oculus VR - John Carmack was revolutionary at id Software - without him, the first-person shooter genre might have never come to life.

Oculus: John Carmack Thinks The Facebook Acquisition Was The Right Thing

The father of FPS games believes that…

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