The Witcher 3 -Add the fact that Hearts of Stone drops by on Tuesday and you immediately have a sizable game on your hard drive.

The Release Date for the Next-Gen Update for The Witcher 3 is Finally Confirmed!

CD Projekt Red has finally confirmed exactly…
Nintendo leak - Streaming is certainly interesting technology.

Nintendo: Don’t Try To Threaten Its Staff In Japan During Repairs!

If we threaten or harass Nintendo staff…
The plaintiffs in the Activision Blizzard case now have the opportunity to file a complaint about the issues highlighted by the dismissal.

Ex-Dragon Age Producer: Microsoft Owning Activision Blizzard Could Be Bad!

Mark Darrah says it could be more…
The Japanese creative legend Hideo Kojima, responsible for franchises such as Metal Gear and Death Stranding, attended the event, accompanied by Phil Spencer.

Kojima Wants To Create Films And Music

The former is not a new thought,…
Chinese tech giant Tencent and one of its studios, TiMi Studio Group, are not just focusing on China with Honor of Kings: World game: they have openly international plans for the newly announced open-world action RPG.

Honor Of Kings: World: The Combat In Tencent’s Big Project [VIDEO]

Honor of Kings is heading to consoles,…
MOVIE NEWS - Elijah Wood, Frodo from The Lord of the Rings, would love to co-star with Daniel Radcliffe in a film where the two actors play each other.

Former The Lord Of The Rings Star Wouldn’t Mind Playing The Star Of Harry Potter!

MOVIE NEWS – Elijah Wood, Frodo from…
MOVIE NEWS - Timothée Chalamet's fans then challenged the organisers to cancel the Milan premiere screening of the red carpet premiere of Bones and All.

Timothée Chalamet Fans Stormed The Premiere Of Bones And All! [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – Timothée Chalamet’s fans then…
One gamer's big discovery: the Nintendo Switch version of Tactics Ogre: Reborn has native keyboard and mouse controls, just like the PC version.

Tactics Ogre: Reborn For Switch Has More Than We Thought!

One gamer’s big discovery: the Nintendo Switch…
TECH NEWS - One of the attendees at the Kendrick Lamar concert in London captured the excitement from the front row of the stage with his PS Vita.

PS Vita: Never Thought We’d See The Classic PlayStation Handheld This Way!

TECH NEWS – One of the attendees…

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