Iron Man PS VR Marvel

Could Marvel Have Cancelled Development On One Of Its Most Promising Games?! [VIDEO]

Marvel and Disney pulled the plug on…
Eric Lempel, Sony's head of worldwide marketing, said that those who have the current-gen console shouldn't be afraid if they don't switch to the new console, as there's still a lot of games coming to the PlayStation 4.

A Japanese Chain Is Selling PlayStation 5 Only With Console Trading!

GEO is asking us to make a…
EA Sports has released a new FIFA 23 trailer that reveals interesting information about the newly added features and updates to the career mode.

A Marvel Touch For Electronic Arts’ Last FIFA Cash Pump

Even though FIFA and Electronic Arts are…
Mordhau, which could also be called Mordstreich or Mordschlag in German, is a fighting technique where we hold our sword the other way, meaning our hands are on the blades, and we use our weapon as something like an axe - it could be a useful technique between armoured soldiers.

Mordhau Gets Console Ports [VIDEO]

Better late than never: although it’s been…

Ballistic Moon: Ex-Until Dawn Developers Working On A Game For Sony

The CV of an actor responsible for…
We are pretty sure you know him from Hellraiser, and since we have seen some exciting crossovers in Dead By Daylight, it wouldn't be surprising to see Mr Pinhead, the leader of Cenobites, join the multiplayer title.

Hulu’s Hellraiser Reboot Must Be Tough – It’s R-Rated!

MOVIE NEWS – Hulu isn’t holding back…
MOVIE NEWS – Aquaman star Amber Heard has reportedly received a multi-million dollar offer for an adult film. Will she take the bait?

Amber Heard Becoming a Porn Star?

MOVIE NEWS – Aquaman star Amber Heard…
MOVIE NEWS - Filmmaker Michael Mann wanted to make the film back in the '90s but got tired of waiting until Leonardo DiCaprio was the right age.

Could Leonardo DiCaprio Have Played James Dean In A Biopic?!

MOVIE NEWS – Filmmaker Michael Mann wanted…
Warzone's new Doomsayer skin looks suspiciously like the "unique" Deadrop mask worn by Midnight Society's Robert Bowling, but Activision is keeping quiet about it.

Scandal: Did Activision (Again) “Borrow” A Skin For Call Of Duty?!

Warzone’s new Doomsayer skin looks suspiciously like…
Blizzard is launching a cross-progression system that will help bring Overwatch players' skins and rewards into Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2: Can The Skins & Rewards Be Carried Over From The First Game…?

Blizzard is launching a cross-progression system that…

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