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This is what GoldenEye 007 looks like with the Far Cry 5 engine! [VIDEO]

In the absence of a remake of…
We can't wait for the E3!

[E3 2021] Here’s The Schedule For The Returning Event

After skipping 2020, E3 is coming back,…
Warhammer continues to expand, and its 40K world (40,000) will be getting a new, oldschool-style game.

Warhammer 40K’s Universe Expands With Another Game; Darktide’s Writer Is Decent [VIDEO]

Warhammer continues to expand, and its 40K…
Nintendo leak - Streaming is certainly interesting technology.

Nintendo Wins In Court Against Pirate Site Operator

However, the big N did not receive…
Nintendo Switch - Interesting fact: while we saw Skyrim in the Switch trailer, Bethesda didn't confirm that the game is heading to the new platform. DeNA = mobile games.

Nintendo Switch Pro: announcement is imminent, release and price mentioned

Nintendo could lift the veil on its…
Despite the past, there's a strong chance that Sonic is going to get a new game.

Everything That Was Announced During The Sonic 30th Anniversary Stream [VIDEO]

It’s been a while since the blue…
Alien Isolation - Although there is unofficial VR support for the game, Alien: Isolation would be nice on the PlayStation VR.

Is Alien: Isolation’s Dev Team Hinting At A Sequel?

Creative Assembly might be either playing with…
Activision Blizzard - While Overwatch, an upcoming multiplayer FPS is developed by Blizzard, we wish them the best and even more successful games in the future!

Blizzard Is Working On More Than Two Games

Although Diablo IV and Overwatch 2 are…
One of the NPD's analysts believes the Nintendo Switch will outsell the PlayStation 5's and the Xbox Series' two models.

Is The PlayStation 5 In A Significant Advantage Against The Xbox Series’ Sales?

As Microsoft hasn’t published console sales information…