This time, the project would need a leading producer, which is quite worrying about the state of development of Metroid Prime 4. Metroid Prime 3

Metroid Prime 3 Wasn’t A More Ambitious Open World Game Because The Power Of The…

Retro Studios has revealed the first designs…
The fifth episode of the Dying 2 Know series focuses on one of the missions and the tools available to overcome it

New Details On Dying Light 2 Stay Human: Gameplay, Music And A New Hero

This was said in a new episode…
The 110 Industries company announced three games out of the box, although two of them don't have many details.

110 Industries Announces Three Games At Tokyo Game Show [VIDEO]

The 110 Industries company announced three games…
The first game is getting a new port, but there were two other announcements for other titles. River City

River City Girls 2 Debuts On Video, Too [VIDEO]

River City Saga: Three Kingdoms also received…
The creators of Gears Tactics have talked about developing for the Xbox ecosystem and they don't see a problem. Emulation.

EMULATION: RetroArch – Xbox Series S Now Runs Old Games With Amazing Quality!

It’s not the latest news, but we’ve… news previews reviews and more metal gear solid 1

Is Konami Working On Reviving Several Of Its IPs?

The Japanese company, Konami is trying to…
REVIEW - While it's mostly Milestone's quality that shows through in the product, it's perhaps not just for fans of Hot Wheels, whose shortcomings can be discovered relatively quickly.

Hot Wheels Unleashed – Wheelsbadman

eFootball 2022 got a new patch today, version 0.9.1, but it's a minor release that was supposed to be a stepstone towards the larger 1.0.0 update scheduled for November 11th

eFootball: PES + Model Change = The Worst-Reviewed Steam Game! [VIDEO]

Konami has messed up big time with…
The Bloober Team has confirmed the arrival of the new instalment in the Layers of Fear horror saga with a trailer.

Layers of Fear 3: coming next year with Unreal Engine 5

The Bloober Team has confirmed the arrival…
New sales figures do not yet include OLED data for Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Denies The Stronger Nintendo Switch Rumours Again

The big N once again shuts down…