After the Dutch, the Americans start to have had enough of loot boxes (that Electronic Arts loves to use in its games...).

Electronic Arts: The Ultimate Team Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment Lawsuit Is Over

The publisher vowed that they will never…
Elden Ring - The announcement happened by Bandai Namco at Microsoft's E3 conference, confirming that FromSoftware's next big project is going to be Elden Ring, which is a „fantasy action-RPG adventure set within a world created by Hidetaka Miyazaki—creator of the influential Dark Souls video game series [do they hate Demon's Souls that much?

Elden Ring: Even More Leaks From PvP To The Locations

FromSoftware‘s next game might be revealing more…
No, we did not write the wrong number in the title - that was meant to be a nine.

Has Resident Evil 9 Been In Development For Three Years?

No, we did not write the wrong…
So with The Sinking City, Frogwares opted to show the messed up world of Cthulhu through the eyes of a detective haunted by visions about a flooded city. Which actually would work, as you would be forced to uncover these harrowing unknowns things due to the nature of your line of work. Plus they also already know their way around having main characters as detectives, but it still fails on a lot of levels. Not because of the storylines though but because of the gameplay.

The Sinking City: The „Pirate” Steam Version Is Gone, Nacon Strikes Back

The arguments between Frogwares and Nacon (formerly…
The Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers (or the PC users of the service) will not receive Electronic Arts' service in 2020.

Xbox Game Pass: The First Bigger Update For March

The next update will benefit mostly those…
Resident Evil Village is the leakiest boat on the sea of ​​video games, with insiders constantly leaking things from the game.

Resident Evil: Village: The Protagonist Will Face His Biggest Surprise

The director of „Resident Evil 8” claims…
The new People Can Fly game, Outriders will have multiplayer, but strictly a cooperative one - PVP won't be part of the multiplayer experience.

Outriders: Why Are There Constant Cutscenes? The Developer Responds

People Can Fly explains why we see…
Another game joins the „not this year but the next one” group.

Layoffs At The Previous Dev Team Of Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

Hardsuit Labs laid several people off after…
Arkane Studios' game will try to benefit those who are antisocial in gaming.

Deathloop Will Have A Chunky, Replayable Campaign [VIDEO]

Arkane Studios compared its next game to…
Electronic Arts' late-2021 big game got a few rumours, and while they sound interesting, it's best to take all of them with a pinch of salt.

Battlefield 6: Criterion Helps, Need For Speed Is Put Aside

Electronic Arts is putting everything on the…

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