Far Cry 6 A suspicious promotional image had led to suspicions and wrong headlines about Far Cry 6 being 4K only on Xbox. Is there is still hope for PS4 Pro and PS5?

Far Cry 6 will have free next gen upgrade – Ubisoft confirm again

Far Cry 6 will have a free…
The Yakuza game, which also arrives on the PS5, has already received a release window on other platforms, where it will be coming in November.

Yakuza’s Future Might Lie Outside Japan

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and SEGA might…
The rumours were true: Vicarious Visions (which was shifted from Activision to Blizzard) is indeed developing a new version of Diablo 2.

Diablo II: Resurrected Drops Ultrawide Support, The Explanation Is Shocking!

First, the game cuts the TCP/IP support…
This time, the door won't be open only for the PlayStation users, and the available game modes will not be limited to Champion Hill either in the Call of Duty game that turns back to the second World War.

Call Of Duty: Vanguard: Sledgehammer Is Preparing For The Next Beta Test [VIDEO]

This time, the door won’t be open…
Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game Possibly Leaked

Gun Media might be working on Texas…
The remaster collection of the first three Mass Effect titles isn't even announced yet, but we have heard so much of it that it can't be fake anymore...

Is The New Mass Effect Abandoning The Frostbite Engine?

BioWare might not use Electronic Arts’ in-house…
The must-have basketball simulation, NBA 2K22, is back for the new year on PS5, PS4, Series X, Xbox One, Switch & PC! For the 75th anniversary of the NBA, does this new opus bring absolute novelties and evolutions to the license? Find out in our full review!

NBA 2K22: brand new City trailer and info!

NBA 2K22: missions, exploration, rewards and a…
The battle royale genre's creator openly claims that his next game: Prologue's "testbed" will not be that exciting.

“Prologue Will Likely Be Boring!”, PlayerUnknown Claims!

The battle royale genre’s creator openly claims…
Remedy recently held a very detailed Q&A detailing the PC version's machine requirements and what the different console generations can deliver in terms of graphics.

Alan Wake Remastered – Officially Announced by Non-Other than Sam Lake Himself

Well, after multiple rumours and leaks, Alan…