China Hits Back at the US – Could Sanctions Be Good for the Industry?!

TECH NEWS – The CEO of Huawei Cloud believes that companies in China have been given the opportunity to be more inventive.



Not a week goes by without China-related news when it comes to new technology. Just a few days ago, we learned that the Asians were pushing the limits of energy with a battery the size of a building. As if that wasn’t enough, they also announced that they would compete with Elon Musk in an area that the billionaire has a lot of faith in: satellite internet.

However, as the Reuters portal points out in a recent publication, this time, they are focusing on Huawei, one of the largest companies in the Asian country.

In recent months, China has plunged into a race to dominate the chip industry. This is a highly complex situation when you consider that it is at a disadvantage compared to other major powers such as the United States, South Korea and Taiwan. However, for Zhang Ping’an, the current CEO of Huawei Cloud, this is not so much a disadvantage as an advantage…


They believe that China is in a very favourable position


As in the original publication, Ping’an dismissed the idea that a lack of advanced chips would prevent China from becoming a leader in AI. According to him, innovation is much needed to manage the country’s current limited computing capacity. As he said, that’s why it makes sense not to rely only on the most advanced chips. This allows them to be resourceful and act with greater latitude.

Huawei has already developed Ascend, its own AI chip, which is widely used in its home country.

Despite its popularity, the Ascend falls far short of the computing power of NVIDIA’s chips. The CEO, therefore, considers it essential to focus on innovative cloud-centric approaches to offset the lack of advanced chips. In fact, innovation in architecture will help overcome current limitations. According to him, the key will be a converged approach combining cloud and networking. This allows them to reduce energy consumption and thereby improve efficiency.

Source: Reuters

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