The trench war between the two companies is getting tense.

Epic Vs. Apple: The Other Big Companies Can Prepare For Consequences

The lawsuit going on between Epic Games…
American McGee had some crazy ideas in the 90s, too. Sandy Petersen was one of the four level designers in Quake, which was - as expected by id Software - a revolutionary game in 1996.

There Could Have Been a 300-Foot Zombie In Quake

American McGee had some crazy ideas in…
Star Citizen . Gary Oldman, William Anderson, Mark Hamill - the cast of Squadron 42 is becoming one of the biggest, isn't it?

Star Citizen And Squadron 42 Celebrate 8th Anniversary [VIDEO]

Neither game has been released, but they…
Marvel’s Avengers will provide PC gamers with an optional downloadable texture pack that will significantly improve the visuals.

Marvel’s Avengers: Crystal Dynamics Won’t Give Up!

The player base is dwindling (especially on…
DOOM - Let's start with the announcements - Bethesda and id Software have made the '93 Doom, Doom II, and Doom 3 (Doom Trilogy) available digitally on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

What’s The Name Of DOOM’s Protagonist? John Romero Responds

The original DOOM trilogy (not 2016’s DOOM…
The Medium trailer, which was announced in May, got more details revealed thanks to the Microsoft Store.

The Medium: Not A Launch Title, But When Will It Arrive? [VIDEO]

Bloober Team‘s next game is not going…
Thanks to IGN, we can now take a closer look at Hangar 13's work on the first Mafia.

Mafia Definitive Edition – Play again, Tommy!

REVIEW – You sit behind the wheel,…
The newest Syberia game allows us to embark on a journey across continents and through time.

Syberia: The World Before: The Demo’s Here [VIDEO]

The newest Syberia game allows us to…
The new People Can Fly game, Outriders will have multiplayer, but strictly a cooperative one - PVP won't be part of the multiplayer experience.

Outriders Is Delayed! [VIDEO]

In return, People Can Fly‘s game is…

COSPLAY BABE OF THE DAY: Ghost of Tsushima

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