No, we are not talking about multiplayer (we mentioned yesterday that Mass Effect 3 is skipping it altogether), but another DLC.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition: System Requirements And Another Missing Portion [VIDEO]

No, we are not talking about multiplayer…
Electronic Arts' late-2021 big game got a few rumours, and while they sound interesting, it's best to take all of them with a pinch of salt.

Battlefield 6’s Development Is Progressing Better Than Electronic Arts’ Expectations

The next Battlefield will be bigger than…
CD Projekt RED's game is the most stable on PlayStation 4 Pro if we look at the older consoles.

Cyberpunk 2077: Mods Hide Security Flaws!

CD Projekt RED doesn’t recommend using mods…
Gabe Newell's company is accused of ripping off a patent from SCUF to create its custom controller.

Valve Loses Case Over The Steam Controller!

Gabe Newell’s company will now have to…
The remaster collection of the first three Mass Effect titles isn't even announced yet, but we have heard so much of it that it can't be fake anymore...

Mass Effect: Legendary: Re-Releases On An Old Engine [VIDEO]

The re-releases of the first three Mass…
Yggdrazil Group tries itself with asymmetric multiplayer, but this time, we can see the 4v1 concept in the horror genre.

Home Sweet Home: Survive: 4v1 Horror [VIDEO]

Yggdrazil Group tries itself with asymmetric multiplayer,…
There seems to be some minimalistic way of controlling land, and an in-game economy will be a part of the overall gameplay for Shadow of War, but as of yet not much has been revealed.

Warner Filed A Patent For The Lord Of The Rings Games’ Nemesis System

This could be one of the reasons…
The game that everyone calls KOTOR, as well as its sequel, might show up on newer consoles so that newer generations can meet the work previously done by BioWare and Obsidian, nearly two decades ago.

Will The First Two Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Games Get A Console…

The game that everyone calls KOTOR, as…
Steam kept a few surprises for us this year as well.

Another Lawsuit Against Valve Due To Its Monopolistic Behaviour!

The document also named Ubisoft, CD Projekt…
So far, it seemed that 343 Industries' next game could launch next Spring.

Halo Infinite: The Goal Is To Feel The Best On PC!

343 Industries has set the bar significantly…