After Warcraft III: Reforged, another updated version of a Blizzard game: Diablo II: Resurrected launches in a catastrophic state...

Diablo II: Resurrected: More Bugfixing And Ladder Play Incoming

Blizzard’s recent, questionable performance continued with Diablo…
The first game is getting a new port, but there were two other announcements for other titles. River City

River City Girls 2 Debuts On Video, Too [VIDEO]

River City Saga: Three Kingdoms also received…
The creators of Gears Tactics have talked about developing for the Xbox ecosystem and they don't see a problem. Emulation.

EMULATION: RetroArch – Xbox Series S Now Runs Old Games With Amazing Quality!

It’s not the latest news, but we’ve…
Perhaps unsurprisingly, after the excellent PS4 and PS4 Pro versions, Death Stranding Director's Cut makes excellent use of the PS5's capabilities.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut – This is the Real Deathinitive Edition!

This is the Real Deathinitive Edition!
Grand Theft Auto V Dislike 1

GTA V: petition to remove transphobic content

In response to GTA V, the British… news previews reviews and more metal gear solid 1

Is Konami Working On Reviving Several Of Its IPs?

The Japanese company, Konami is trying to…
REVIEW - While it's mostly Milestone's quality that shows through in the product, it's perhaps not just for fans of Hot Wheels, whose shortcomings can be discovered relatively quickly.

Hot Wheels Unleashed – Wheelsbadman

eFootball 2022 got a new patch today, version 0.9.1, but it's a minor release that was supposed to be a stepstone towards the larger 1.0.0 update scheduled for November 11th

eFootball: PES + Model Change = The Worst-Reviewed Steam Game! [VIDEO]

Konami has messed up big time with…
Back 4 Blood

Back 4 Blood: will also run on mid-range PCs

Back 4 Blood: Even if you don’t…
In Twisted Metal, Sweet Tooth gets back in the car to beat the faces (and cars) of his opponents.

Is The Twisted Metal Reboot’s Developer Found?

Twisted Metal, known in the 90s and…