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REVIEW - OlliOlli is now at its third instalment, and as expected, it's a skateboarding game, where after the tricks, the landing is essential because it's not so good to kiss the floor in a heavy bail.

OlliOlli World – Skate’n’fail

REVIEW - The first Dying Light almost completely reinvented zombie games: in addition to exploring a completely open world, we were able to use new parkour options that we hadn't really seen in zombie titles before. Seven years and many delays later, developer Techland has finally delivered a sequel. Was it worth the wait, and did the game really revolutionise the first part?

Dying Light 2 Stay Human – Hard to Stay Human in this Inhuman World

Hard to Stay Human in this Inhuman…
SloClap releases SIFU on 8 February on PC and PlayStation consoles

Sifu – Eternal Learning

Eternal Learning
The Japanese creator has given an interview in which he talks about Kojima Productions' plans

Is Kojima Productions (Also) Developing For PlayStation VR2?

The Japanese studio may have gotten hold…
REVIEW - After a year of exclusivity for Epic Games, Hitman III has finally arrived on Steam, so here's an in-depth test of what the Tar Heads assassin has to offer.

Hitman III – Codename 47 is Back In Action on Steam

Codename 47 is Back In Action on…
REVIEW - Ubisoft has positioned Rainbow Six Extraction as a cooperative version of one of the most popular shooter games of the last generation. Despite this, it feels like the company’s most bland title in recent memory, taking almost none of the best qualities of its 2015 predecessor Rainbow Six Siege instead of diluting it into a stiff, repetitive and soulless experience.

Rainbow Six Extraction – Better to Extract Yourself From Here

Better to Extract Yourself From Here

God of War – The Greek Demigod Unchained On PC As Well

The Greek Demigod Unchained On PC As…
REVIEW - The heroes of Persona 5 Strikers: the "Phantom Thieves" are not fantastically powerful mutant superheroes, wealthy millionaires or super-soldiers, but ordinary, everyday high school boys and girls who battle a wide variety of horrors in a strange, alternate world called Metaverse. Coming soon to PS Plus, the Japanese action RPG was tested on PlayStation 5.

Persona 5 Strikers – The Phantom Thieves Didn’t Steal The Heart Of The Aggressive Star…

The Phantom Thieves Didn't Steal The Heart…
Announced in 2018, the adaptation of the famous Vertigo by the Spanish Pendulo Studios had recently resurfaced to reassure us about its progress.

Alfred Hitchcock Vertigo – A Bit “Dizzy”? Yes… “Vertigo”? Not By a Long Shot!

A Bit “Dizzy”? Yes… “Vertigo”? Not By…
These are all the video games nominated for the DICE Awards 2022, which take place on 24 February

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart – The PS5 Video Game That Would Make Pixar Go…

The PS5 Video Game That Would Make…