AMD assures that the situation regarding components will not improve much in 2022

Coronavirus: Layoffs Unlikely At AMD And Intel

TECH NEWS – An analyst believes that…
Ubisoft - the crew

Ubisoft’s Artificial Intelligence Taught A Car To Drive Itself

TECH NEWS – Ubisoft managed to make…
TECH NEWS - Also, this VR glove can keep track of your pulse as well.

This VR Glove Allows You To Feel Virtual Objects

TECH NEWS – Also, this VR glove…
TECH NEWS - Slowly but surely, Intel's GPU, which will be Tiger Lake-based in a discrete format, is getting revealed.

Intel Xe DG1: The Company’s Discrete GPU Is Shaping UP

TECH NEWS – Slowly but surely, Intel’s…
TECH NEWS - Nvidia, the US chipmaker acknowledges delay due to global regulatory scrutiny but remains confident of approval.

Does Nvidia say its RTX 2080 Max-Q card is more powerful than PS5 and Xbox…

And that is a graphic designer for…
TECH NEWS - Amazon's popular live-streaming website, Twitch got sued for a significant amount of money.

Twitch Could Pay A Hefty Fine!

TECH NEWS – Amazon‘s popular live-streaming website,…
TECH NEWS - Alphabet is the parent company of Google, so the situation around David Drummond could be interesting.

Alphabet CLO Accused With Potential Insider Trading

TECH NEWS – Alphabet is the parent…
TECH NEWS - Donald Trump's administration could severely impact Huawei, as they suspect this company is spying for the Chinese Communist Party.

The US Administration Could Use Its „Nuclear” Option Against Huawei

TECH NEWS – Donald Trump’s administration could…
YouTube is currently testing a feature in India which shows an information panel in the search results, and these facts are provided by YouTube's fact-checking partners in English and Hindi language.

YouTube Lessens Restrictions: „Simulated Violent Content” Gets A Pass

TECH NEWS – YouTube slightly eased its…