The Quantic Dream scandal, which started nearly two years ago, is still progressing.

Quantic Dream: Declaring Victory After The Court Cases

The scandal that blew up in 2018…
Homefront was saved by Deep Silver when THQ went bankrupt, selling their older franchises.

Timesplitters 2: We Can Finally Access It In Homefront: The Revolution!

Indeed: Timesplitters’ second game in a 4K…
After the Dutch, the Americans start to have had enough of loot boxes (that Electronic Arts loves to use in its games...).

Electronic Arts: Dynamic Difficulty For The Players

The publisher has updated its rights to…
We wouldn't be surprised if Hitman 3 would be a cross-gen game, launching in a year on PlayStation 5, Xbox Project Scarlett, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Hitman Could Have Been Free-To-Play!

After IO Interactive has become independent in…
Metal Gear's father, Hideo Kojima claims that his latest game, Death Stranding did not predict the pandemic, and that he's not a prophet.

Will Microsoft Publish Hideo Kojima’s Next Game?

And how is this even related to…
The game was first announced a dozen years ago - and it twists the story even further.

Six Days In Fallujah: A Muslim Advocacy Group Demands A Removal From Steam

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (shortened as…
So Blasphemous gets no higher than a seven out of ten, as its good things don't have enough power to make this Metroidvania, published by Team 17, an outstanding one.

Blasphemous Deluxe Edition Is Getting A Physical Release

Sold Out has teamed up with Team17…
No, we are not talking about multiplayer (we mentioned yesterday that Mass Effect 3 is skipping it altogether), but another DLC.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition: Here’s How The Gameplay Got Overhauled [VIDEO]

Electronic Arts and BioWare published an in-depth…
Loot Boxes - The reason why the players and the Internet are so mad about lootboxes is that content, or in the case of Shadow of War, cheats are sold for real money.

Loot Boxes Are Akin To Gambling; A Ban Is Possible In Brazil

In the United Kingdom, a significant study…
Phil Spencer says Microsoft still has “unannounced surprises” regarding Game Pass. He has recently posted a tweet talking about the service.

Xbox Game Pass: Day 1 Debut For Battlefield 6?; The First April Update

Microsoft might have spent a lot of…

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