REVIEW - Outriders, a new video game from the Polish team People Can Fly, is a "looter-shooter" in which you take on the role of a mutant with special abilities and save what's left of humanity on a distant planet.

Outriders: People Can Fly Still Hasn’t Received Royalties!

In the case of the Outriders game,…
A few days before the release of 12 Minutes, the publisher Annapurna Interactive decided it was time to publish a new trailer for this interactive thriller based on the time loop concept.

12 Minutes: a Launch Trailer That Plays With Time [VIDEO]

A few days before the release of…
James Gunn participated in the development of the game Lollipop Chainsaw and thought that it fit with the film's scenes based on the DC universe.

The New Suicide Squad Movie Has a Scene Inspired by Lollipop Chainsaw

MOVIE NEWS – James Gunn participated in…
Crytek got into a tough situation last week... one of the companies that got targetted last week was them.

Crysis Remastered Trilogy: Crytek Doesn’t Plan With The Next-Gen Consoles [VIDEO]

For the November 2020-launched consoles, don’t expect…
ps4pro call of duty black ops 4 dlc

Here is the ‘Call of Duty: Vanguard’ teaser trailer!

The Call of Duty trailer shows the…
Ubisoft Singapore is not getting away without an investigation for alleged workplace harassment and sexual assault.

Ubisoft Singapore Is Now Under Investigation!

Ubisoft Singapore is not getting away without…
Based on the price of the Xbox Series S, it is the smallest, most accessible machine in the history of the nearly 20-year-old console family.

One Of The Xbox Series X’ Issues Will Be Fixed Shortly

Microsoft‘s console, Xbox Series X is way…
Weapons, action, great music and violence in Cyberpunk 2077 - new gameplay trailers & things have also come to light about our origins.

Cyberpunk 2077 First Free DLC Confirmed, Which Includes An Akira-Looking Jacket

Besides Cyberpunk 2077 First Free DLC, Patch…
Phil Spencer says Microsoft still has “unannounced surprises” regarding Game Pass. He has recently posted a tweet talking about the service.

Xbox Game Pass: 9 More Games by the End of August!

In addition, the Redmond firm also details…