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XIII Remake - We're not going deep into Microids' and PlayMagic's comments because they say they are making a remake.

[GC 2019] The First Images Of The XIII Remake

XIII will soon blam, blam, blam, shoot…
Marvel’s Avengers will provide PC gamers with an optional downloadable texture pack that will significantly improve the visuals.

[GC 2019] Marvel’s Avengers: The Promised Gameplay Video [VIDEO]

Despite the video already leaking from E3…
Doom Eternal - At the QuakeCon, 2016's Doom's sequel, Doom Eternal and Doom Slayer was also discussed.

[GC 2019] How Long Will It Take To Beat Doom Eternal? [VIDEO]

Doom 2016 could take as much as…
TiMi Studios are looking for staff to develop a new Need for Speed online mobile game

[GC 2019] Need For Speed: Heat: The First Detailed Look [VIDEO]

Need For Speed will return this year…
Now on Thursday, The Coalition team will talk about the Gears 5 Xbox Series X performance as part of Inside Unreal Livestream.

[GC 2019] Gears 5: Halo: Reach Jumps Over To The Game [VIDEO]

At Gamescom – aside from three trailers…
4A Games - Microsoft - Crytek - Next-Gen - PlayStation 5 - It seems that Sony's next-gen console might be stronger than Microsoft's. The latter company already talked about their console during E3, when they revealed Project Scarlett. (Don't forget: the console that is nowadays available in stores as the Xbox One X was revealed at E3 2016 as Project Scorpio.)

Crytek: The SSD Will Be A Game Changer In Next-Gen

The next-generation PlayStation (PlayStation 5?) and Xbox…
Batman Arkham Knight - Meanwhile, let's not forget that Warner Bros. Montreal's multiplayer-focused game could be revealed on June 4!

Did Batman: Arkham Knight’s Sequel Get Cancelled?

Another leak, this time about the sequel…
Rainbow Six: Siege - The story seemed controversial, but that just gave me all the more hope about the game itself.

Does Rainbow Six: Siege Have Next-Gen Plans?

While a new Rainbow Six game is…
DayZ - Already available on PC and Xbox One, the popular DayZ has already release date in PS4, and the good news is that it will not take much to enjoy this challenging action/survival game.

„Australia Is A Laughing Stock Because Of DayZ’s Ban!” [VIDEO]

An Australian politician did not hold back…