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REVIEW - Sherlock Holmes is perhaps one of the most adapted detectives in history, with several rival versions existing on television right now, besides Robert Downey Jr.’s own movie version.

Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s…

Flawed Parenthood
REVIEW - Playing F1 2020 create an unusual situation, especially how I had the chance to create my team to race with the car I put together...

F1 2020 – Rocking…

Rocking The Team
The boss of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios has talked about it during EGX - he doesn't say no to a new WipEout game.

WipEout Omega Collection –…

Need for Hyperspeed (PS Plus)
Sniper Elite 4 - For precision aiming, you must hold your breath back.

Sniper Elite 4 –…

That Bullet from Nowhere? That Was Me… (PS Plus)
The Surge - The early enemies in the video provide no threat, but the same cannot be said about the later ones: they will be ready to fight, and they won't go down in one shot.

The Surge – Technoslalom

The story of Sunset Overdrive is a fun mix of Night of The Living Dead, and a guy going on a Coca-Cola bender for weeks.

Sunset Overdrive – Smells…

Smells Like Orange Zombies
While Destiny 1 was considered by many a competent and even addicting online shooter, it was disliked by many for the cut story, and the loot is hard to get.

Destiny 2 – Did…

Did Bungie Find the Light? (PS Plus)
The developers of Dead By Daylight have decided to take an exemplary step: implement a FUNCTIONAL Cross-Play on every console!

Dead by Daylight –…

Randomly Generated Slasher Movie
Mafia III: Definitive Edition - As the first two Mafia games were among my all time favorites, you can imagine the level of my disappointment about the third episode, which is only slightly better than average. Mafia 3

Mafia III – Crime…

Crime Does Not Pay (PS Plus)
You won't get a gun to blast the brains out of everyone else.

Absolver – Not Absolving…

Not Absolving (PS Plus)

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