Sony E3 2014 – Strong Presence

Last year Sony was an absolute winner at E3, there’s no doubt about it. Microsoft’s press conference was a failure, mainly because of all those forced and needlessly complicated “copyright” issue, and Nintendo… well can’t even remember one title from their game portfolio. This year though Sony had a stronger competition from both Microsoft and especially Nintendo. Still Sony could present one of the best shows of E3, even if it wasn’t such a glorious success this year like in 2013, when we have first seen the PlayStation 4 and various new titles in development for it.

Sony’s E3 start was a bit strange, with Jack Tretton’s retirement from his position as a CEO of SCEA just before E3 which was a surprising announcement. However his successor, Shawn Layden was also present and spoke at the Sony presentation so we were reassured, that he will fill Tretton’s shoes just perfectly.

The Force is strong with those two

Let’s start with Sony most solid and strongest title, Uncharted 4, which was presented in form of a very short, but also very moody movie. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End presented an older and battered Drake lying in the mud, unconscious and when he wakes up, we can see how he aged a bit. The level of detail on Drake was astounding, it’s clear that Uncharted 4 will be one of the best looking titles on the PS4.

We had also another presentation of The Order 1886. While former videos focused on the main characters in this gameplay video we could see an ingame sequence where Galahad, the main character faced a horrible mutant. Armed combat and a terrific part of hide and seek followed between Galahad and monster – it really felt like a survivor horror game. Order 1886 will certainly be one of Sony’s strongest title next year.

Cuteness and superpowers overloaded

And Sony haven’t forgot about its cute series Little Big Adventure either. In Little Big Adventure 3 we have three other characters besides of Sackboy and they all provides different challenges and possibilities. Fortunately LBA 3 has still its sweet humor and charm and the new characters fits in all this perfectly.

inFamous: Second Son will also have a standalone DLC called First Light. It will focus on a story with the female super hero character, Abigail Walker. It will be playable without needing the main game. The same goes for Killzone which will have a standalone DLC as well.

New kids on the block

Sony also presented a new PlayStation exclusive third person horror action RPG, called Bloodborne by From Software. It’s a completely new IP, although it’s similar to their Demons/Dark Souls games. It’s also extremely gory, a feeling which is graphically reinforced by the PS4’s power.

On the other hand, Entwined, another PS4 exclusive is an enchanting indie game from the San Mateo Studio which is formed from young and talented designers fresh out of university. You can already buy Entwined on PlayStation Store for €7.99 or $9.99 if you live in the US.
And concerning PlayStation exclusives we also had a short video from The Last of Us Remastered on the PS4, which will be out this summer.

Can I play Far Cry 4 coop for free?

Of course there were also lots of multiplatform games presented and Ubisoft was both Microsoft’s and Sony’s favorite. (Nintendo is another story: Ubisoft just announced, that unless Nintendo Wii U have better sales, they won’t publish their game, even though they are already ready.)
One of the nicest (and smartest) moves from the Sony and Ubisoft cooperation is to let you invite your friends to play coop on Far Cry 4 and even if they don’t own the game, they can play coop with you for free. Of course you still need to use PSN which isn’t free unless you have PlayStation Plus.

This is your Destiny?

The MMO FPS game from Activision will be out first on the PS4 and it will also have a special white PS4 Limited Edition with Destiny included. (Or if you don’t like white, there will be also a Limited Edition with a black PS4 instead of white.)
Destiny was only announced so far on consoles and Sony will have a big focus on the PS4. You can even try out the game’s beta this week-end if you have already registered.

Sony also showcased Mortal Kombat and Dead Island 2 on the press conference and there will be also a new cooperation with Disney regarding Disney Infinity 2 which will include a special Disney Infinity 2 Collector’s Edition on both PS3 and PS4 with the Incredible Hulk as a bonus character who will be a PlayStation exclusive. Old school Lucas Arts fans may also be pleased, that the classic Grim Fandango will have a remake on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita only.
And good old Suda 51 has also another sick and funny title: Let it Die, don’t we just love Suda’s sick sense of humor?

Are you hard enough for Battlefield: Hardline and GTA V next gen?
Another killer title also happens to be have a PlayStation 4 beta this week: if you registered and you wer chosen, you can maybe already play Battlefield Hardline.

Grand Theft Auto V Next Gen was also first announced on Sony’s press event with an extremely well done trailer showing next gen graphics. You can read our short preview of GTA V here.

And closing their AAA games presentation we could get a glimpse of Batman: Arkham Knight which will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC next year.

“I want it all and I want it NOW!” (Queen)

We learned also some more information tidbits about PlayStation Now. You may want it “Now” but unfortunately it still rather can be called “PlayStation Later” at the moment. It will be betatested in North America and some parts of Canada with several hundred pf PS3 games.

How this live streaming gaming will work, well, it’s still everybody’s guess. Fortunately PS Vita owners can still play PS4 games via Remote Play and if you have some difficulties to fire up this function via WiFi, we will help you in our article which will be centered on PS Vita remote play.

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