Sony makes finally profit thanks to the PlayStation 4

Sony just posted their quarterly results, and for once, they’re actually posted a profit. The reason for the success? The PlayStation 4, of course.

The PS4 and the gaming division has been such a huge hit for Sony, that it drove profits up to $265 million for the quarter, which is a staggering 757 percent better than during the same period last year. Overall, the company saw revenues of almost $18 billion.ps4pro.eu_profit_1

Sony is still losing money in other divisions, such as mobile and their television division, but the success of the PlayStation 4 has lifted the rest of the company.

The company said it now expects the gaming division to post a $243 million profit this year, which is 20 percent higher than their previously estimated. On the other hand, the Vita, PSP, and Vita TV haven’t been doing as well — the total sales across all three devices were just 750,000 units during the quarter.ps4pro.eu_profit_3

While Sony revealed a bunch of financial details, they did not reveal the updated sales figures for the PlayStation 4 like they did last time. Back in April, Sony announced that the PS4 had sold 7 million units, and it’s safe to expect that worldwide sales are now at 8 million, at least.

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